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Friday, March 26, 2010

Assuit Belts Started...

So I stayed up late and woke up early but i just covered the first half of my assuit belt! The leftover assuit from Sonja's hideous assuit dress we slashed (figuratively speaking). and covered bras with and now we are making matching hip belts. :)

After much thinking I figured out how to attach the assuit to the belt with the felt, buckram and lining. And I figured out how to do it with the least amount of sewing necessary!

Order I did it in.... Sew buckram to felt. Quick baste stitch Assuit to felt. Then take lining cut to size, fold over buckram then whip stitch to the assuit. Really quick and easy! yay! The sides are not done b/c i want to make sure i have the correct width and I am still undecided with how I am going to finish it (to grommet or not to grommet, that is the question!). Thus why you see the piece of fabric in the R side.

Still a work in progress. But I'm getting closer. Won't be able to work on it since we are house sitting with some dogs so I've got to wait until Sunday night (realistically to work on it). But my apt is also a huge mess so either I clean or I sew. LOL you know which one I'd rather do!


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