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Monday, November 8, 2010

Yay these costumes are done!!! :)

Here is my finished product of the costumes we designed for Lisa's wedding. Man let me tell you this was one heck of a project. Props to Laura who got thrown into a sewing bead nightmare and she's never sewn before.

Basically there are about 6,000 beads per costume. I spent many weeks on ebay buying silver stardust beads and clear ab swarowski crystals for this in order to save us some money! We have gone thru probably 11 packets of those red silver lined beads we got at hobby lobby (thank god at half off!!!) and we are now starting our 3rd packet of red 5mm bicone beads (each pack has 2450 beads!).

Unfortunately we did not finish lisa's costume in time for her wedding to give to her so the sewing is not done either!!! but we need to fit her for a belt. its a bit tricky to get the belt even on each side since the belt has shape to it.

I have countless holes in my fingers. I broke 1 stainless steel needle. I have dulled another needle. But all in all the costumes look great and Lisa was very happy and pleased (and excited to get her own).

Stay tuned I actually practiced this costume before I started to sew it and now I have decided i love it so much that I will actually finish this costume!! Its black AB beads all over it! It will take your breath away! :)


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