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Friday, August 30, 2013

IC'13 #17: Striped Blazer Refashion (my UFO project)

It started with this white and black striped top and yuck it was a turtleneck and zippered!!

OMG bad flashback to the 80s!

So yes this top is a top from the 80s easy. But it is in good shape. I wanted to do something different with this top. Then I had this suit jacket that I have no idea where exactly this came from. I probably paid nothing for it.
Since I was uninspired with this coat I decided I wanted to cut it up. So I removed the collar and along the buttons.

Here is me just playing around. It will work! I like it! I needed to cut off the striped collar. Now the question is how am I going to best put this together?

But first I needed to get rid of the side gap

Also need to get rid of the zipper, first cup up the middle of the shirt

And that is where I had left off for a few weeks (months whatever you want to call it!) So I decided b/c the weather has its cool moments here in DC, this would be the best time to finished this UFO (UnFinished Object).

So I pinned it at the center and just took the leap to pin and sew!

I basically top stitched up to a point where the jacket needs to be curved

And also the bottom needs to be cut off. I basically cut and folded under and sewed the lapel portion. Then I will sew this portion to the striped shirt. 

If you can't tell in the picture below, before I sewed the raw, cut part creating a finished edge. Now it is time to tackle the curving of the striped shirt.

I simply drew a line with disappearing ink pen. Cut

Sew. Then I also decided I needed to debulk the sleeves and the side of the jacket. Pin, pin, sew!

Also got rid of the side openings.

Also took some off the bottom. Sew it down to create a new hem!

Done! ahhh. I used a hook/eye to close it. But I am going to wear it to see if maybe I want to add a zipper. Let's see. I have some room to spare.

Love it. I am so ready for fall! :)


GF Review: Seed Dippers

Another great TJ Maxx find! I miss crackers. Not going to lie. And sometimes having something with flavor and different is hard to come by. So I tried these and paired it with hummus. MMM hummus.

Here is what the chip looked like. Long and perfect for scooping. Love it!

With my my hummus.

Taste is great! Great to dip with and not break! Always a plus! I would definitely purchased again!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goodbye flutter sleeves yellow shirt refashion

So sad, I purchased this top when tulle was having a big sale and I liked the yellow. But the top is NOT what I ordered online. It is almost depressing when I actually order clothes that are not previously owned and I dislike them. Luckily I didn't spend much. So the ends are not even hemmed!!!! This caused the sleeves to roll up!!!

They just look bad!! Off they come! So I laid the shirt out and cut leaving room to fold over the hem and will sew it down.

Ahh, BUH-BYE!!

Fold over and sew down!

I cut off excess if I had too much. Then it needed a good ironing. 

I added a tank top underneath since it was see-through some and I wanted some modesty for work. Paired with one of my favorite pencil skirts!

Oh they are gone! Happy! Now it will get worn!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Gluten Free Review: Laughing Giraffe Energy Snacks

OOh! these are to die for!!! I found these snack balls in TJ maxx and thought I would give them a try!

Vegan, all natural, gluten free and thoroughly tasty and delicious. 

I even gave them to my co-workers and they also gave them thumbs up (even the picky eaters!)

Highly recommend to purchase (that is if you can find on sale).


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

another pinterest necklace DiY

Another necklace on pinterest... I almost again have everything...

Remember those blue beads? They look very similar to the ones above. I had some pearls that I thought would look great with them. On ward to stringing

I also made myself a bracelet. Yay!

Done!! Yay!!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Red tie bow top: mccalls M6650

Yeah I finally finished this sewing project. McCall's pattern 6650. I am finally happy with the outcome

This was the pattern I did. I love this pattern. View A.

Let me say.... the shirt did not start out as pretty as the first picture... I tried to use another fabric but it just didn't work

As you can see the fabric is too heavy and it just doesn't work. Sometimes things just don't work out. Good idea gone bad. So I found whatever fabric I had leftover (which doesn't fit the pattern piece). So I had to wing it myself. I cut 8.5 inch wide pieces of fabric. not on the bias just straight up fabric pieces with what I had leftover. I got 2 long pieces. Sewed them together, tapers the ends, and attached it to the top. Here is me at the last step. 

Ahh at least it works. I can wear it. 

I would totally sew this pattern again. Next time I know to use the same fabric weights. ;)



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