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Monday, February 29, 2016

Jalie tunic... part fail??? Jury is still out

Happy Leap year! Today I leave you with a mystery. I got this broken heart fabric from the Gurl Charlee group from a Knit Fix. It is super soft and comfy, it has a lot of drape.

I selected Jalie 3254, and went for a tunic pattern.

Jalie 3245 symönster fagert.se

I sewed this up and got this top. Which when I put it on it looks like a PJ. Err. I think b/c the fabric is really stretchy and I think it makes the top sag b/c of that.

Um but it looks like a PJ. As a PJ it can work...

Just playing around, I messed with the length and snapped a photo. Wow that looks great!
The biggest question that I sit and ask myself is what will get the most use? The top? Would I wear the shorter top to work? I don't know. What about as a PJ? I could see me getting a lot of use in the spring without pants. What would get the most use? The verdict is still out. I seriously cannot make up my mind. Like I have a lot of tops. Hmmm.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Mesa Dress

I recently found another sewing magazine that I began to subscribe to... Yeah I know it is like I need another hole in my head but I have found myself getting slightly bored with Threads magazine, everything seems geared towards an older audience and I find myself uninspired by a lot of their articles. Meh. Seamwork is a digital sewing magazine that comes with 2 patterns a month, which now they give you 2 pattern credits so you can decide what you actually want as a pattern-I thought this was a cool new option.

Today is my first trial with one of their patterns. It is the Mesa dress. Says it is a 1 hour sew. Truly it is really easy. 


I did the pattern with a knit I got from Craftsy  that was a kit that I decided I didn't want to make a cardigan with it- I thought this would be an awesome fabric for a dress. The answer is yes, this fabric makes an awesome dress. I sewed this dress up super fast. And dang look at that shape it gives me (a waist and you can't see my stomach). Dang. Too bad it is too cold to wear it yet.

Here it is, and yes hello goofball. I hate taking end photos!

I probably need a tan, I am pretty light. Here is your dose of cat cuteness. Someone decided to crash the picture taking event and just sit and stare. So I was telling her I got your nose. She truly did freeze.
Seriously spring needs to get here (or temps over 30 degrees) where I can start wearing this.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Zslaya top with pink tigers

So remember that pattern parcel #6? So here is another pattern that I got from this pattern bundle.
I am now 5 out of 6! Money well spent. Next is the Zsalya pattern. It can either be a top or a dress. I chose top. I found this AWESOME pink tiger fabric from Craftsy that I just had to have. I mean the boyfriend and I are close to becoming the old cat lady and man (he LOVES cats). They are like our children. 

The fabric is from cotton and steel.OMG this is just took cute. Pink tigers.

I knew one night that the best pattern to sew is the Zsalya pattern. This pattern is a folkloric based top and I thought the quirkiness of the fabric would work with this pattern. So I whipped up this top. Now I will say one thing- this pattern there are 2 options to sew the top of the bodice to the lower bodice. The clean and the quick and dirty. I started first with the clean but that was so confusing. I tried. I recommend the quick and dirty. Just sew it like that. Some of the pattern was confusing to sew with the pictures in the instructions. They are also not numbered. That bothered me b/c sometimes I was not so intuitive.  Luckily I have a lot of experience.

Here is my top! I love it!!! Meow!

Not bad! And I love the end product. :) Pink tigers? I mean how can you say no? You just can't.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Renefrew top

During the Black Friday Sale, I purchased several sewing kits from Craftsy. This was the Renefrew top, click here for the craftsy page.
Sewaholic Renfrew Long Sleeve Tee - Grey
It was such a great price and I liked the simple pattern. I selected the grey and white striped fabric.
It was an easy cut and a fast sew. I am getting very good at sewing knits and simple t-shirts that really everything just repeats itself. So I sewed up this top. It was really fast and easy.

And hey it looks like the picture from craftsy! The sleeves are long enough. It fits well, even if you see my fat! LOL
LOL some of the pics are funny I know. Didn't want to hide them. They are just TOO funny. I almost want to have a captioning contest. Cant you tell it has been awhile since I took photos (which I HATE doing).


Monday, February 1, 2016

Lisse sweatshirt hoodie

Another sweatshirt try! Had more of that sweatshirt fabric. Actually,  I have a TON of it so expect more posts. Part of my winter break sewing, I tackled another project, this is from Terra's Treasures Designs. It is called the Lisse Cowl and hoodie.  I thought this pattern was different. I like different!

I chose the green fabric and tried it out. I opted for the hoodie. Now I will say that I screwed up where the holes go for the strings. So it doesn't work. I chose the long torso option but I wonder why there was not a average option. I almost would have chosen the average. There was only short and long options, which I find odd. The hoodie was a bit confusing but not bad. The cuffs have to be done in some knit and I had nothing that matched my sweatshirt material. I opted to just finish with a hem.  The overlapped front- I sewed that wrong in the first go through and I had to bust out the seam ripper.

Here is the sweatshirt in the end. It is very green. But overall I like the sweatshirt. I love this material b/c it is so warm. The fit is spot on.

Though, when I put the hood on, I sort of giggle. I feel like I look like an elf or a fairy. Nothing wrong with that but I didn't expect it. I think it is just the green color with the overall design. The hood is the icing on the cake. But in the end I will wear it b/c it is cold out, I hate winter and this will keep me warm. I do like the design, I would like to do it again.



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