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Monday, April 4, 2016

Super big sweatshirt PJ onesie- not joking

Back when the blizzard hit DC, I used the time to make myself something really warm. I mean we had a stretch of really cold days here. And of course it just seems like you can't stay warm. I had gotten a bunch of sweatshirt knit for my bday/christmas, which btw I should not do b/c I bought wayyyy to much! So while I was snowed in I made myself this onesie PJ. I used this old pattern I had (I mean look at the drawings). I sewed with some coral orange sweat shirt fabric. i used pink knit for the collar and the cuffs.

I added feet. This was my first time sewing them. It was fun- I got to use my pink clips.

What I got was this monstrosity! I didn't add the elastic belt. This thing is MASSIVE! 

Definitely had I added the elastic to the waist it could have made my hips look bigger. Nope.

But holy cow it is warm!! It is like I am wearing a blanket. It is NOT pretty or really fashionable but man I am warm.

And I got feet! yeah!

It was an easy sew but it is big and unflattering. I thought about taking it in but really its a PJ. I need ease in order to sleep comfortably in it. It does not stretch so I have what I have. For sleep I don't have to be fashionable in sub zero weather. I probably won't make this pattern again, actually I saw a jalie pattern that might work better and next time I know to use knits. Like a nice thick knit. :)


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