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Friday, December 27, 2013

GF Pizza Dough Review-Domata

Yay gluten free friday review! New pizza crust trial from domata. So the hardest thing with gluten free pizza crust is things don't rise. They are pretty flat. Pretty plain.

So I made my dough. It was super sticky but nice. I used gluten free flour mix to dust my rolling pin and surface. If I did not. There was not enough to make 2 pizza crusts and dust everything enough. Which was sort of a shame, there should be enough to handle the dusting. Realistically. 

Rolled out to a circle. Brush with oil. 

Add toppings (and make a mess everywhere)


Note to self:.... should have sprayed the cookie sheet with oil. We got really stuck.

The taste was good. It did rise some. Would I do it again? Probably, this is just hard to find. But it was like a "normal" pizza. I would love to play around with seasoning the crust.



Sonja Sheffield said...

That looks yummy. Good to know that there are some not awful alternatives :)

Desarae said...

We have some in my family that are eating GF too. Have you tried the pre made dough Pillsbury has in the refrigerator section? It works really well and tastes pretty good too!


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