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Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 31: One shouldered LBD nightmare

Yay for another refashion! I found this "one shouldered nightmare" for $0.99 at goodwill one Sunday. It has potential just not by itself.

It is just a tad too big in the waist and chest area. The armholes needed to be pinched in. there was no zipper so unless I wanted to put one in (short answer: no), then I needed to make it tiny with the ability to pull it over my head. It also had this funky bottom hem... sort of like a hi-lo but sideways. Pretty ugly.

I cut off those annoying hanger straps. I tailored in the armholes to give it a better shape.This was definitely not going to be a work dress so time to cut off the hem. Good bye side mullet. Foldover 2X and sew down for a nice clean hem.Unfortunately all of these pictures were lost somehow.

Done! Add a belt with a fun pattern, and I am ready for a Good-bye party for our friends Chad and Andy going to Arkansas. Everyone is moving, not only us! But of course I got zero pictures of it! :( So here it is with me at home!

So glad this LBD is no longer a nightmare but super cute! Hope you enjoyed it! For more of my 60 days of blogging posts click here!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 30: Blue Polka Dot Ruffle Dress

I love polka dots if you can't tell. Let's see I turned a polka dot shorts into a skirt HERE, and then I have a red polka dot dress HERE. So I am adding to my collection today..found this dress, another one of those mom, teacher dresses from the 90s.

I just loved the fabric! But I have a thing for polka dots. So first thing was to take off the bottom cut some of that nonsense off!

Fold over 2X and sew down!

Next time to slim it up and so I placed it on my dress form. If I can remove it from my dress form with out a zipper then we are good!

I attempted to take in the waist with elastic. But after numerous attempts I could not get it to work. The fabric was too slippery and I didn't want a crooked hem!

The dress was still sort of boring and I don't know if you remember my white ruffled dress I refashioned into a simple top?

I saved the leftover ruffle and today I am going to use it! Put the dress back on the dressform and I pinned the ruffle on to make my design.

I sewed it by hand. FUN! To pull in the waist I added a red satin belt I had in my closet. White just didn't work. I liked the simplicity of the satin but the color pop with the red.

Yay! Done! So happy with the outcome. And now I have a new dress. And yes I let you see in my glasses with my hair completely back. Hey it is hot outside! For more of my 60 days of blogging click here. Hey have you realized it but I have made it halfway?? Today is day 30 and I have 30 more days to go. Yess!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 29: I am seeing swirls

Yay another refashion! I am really pushing towards refashions to not move with clothing that doesn't fit. And if you can't tell I have acquired a stock of ugly clothing. Today was an exception. I thought when I bought this shirt that I could wear it AS IS. I need more long sleeved tops and I really thought this was a hit. When I put it on, not pretty.

Overall we are just a tad too big and too big of sleeves. The sleeves really overwhelm the top. So I cut them off but left enough fabric to fold over on to the collar.

Fold 2X and stitched down. Easier said than done with the chiffon. Grr.

Time to take it in!

Sew that puppy down and we are done! I paired it with a fun black pencil skirt.

Here it is with the shirt out to see what it looks like. It fits well but just looks cuter tucked in...

I still need more winter shirts though... DC is coming! Hello cold weather! For more of my 60 days to DC posts click here.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 28: Blue and Black crystal Necklace

You have seen all the components of my Starry Nights Costume (skirt, bra/belt) except for the last part- the jewelry!

I had leftover beads and found this fun black smoke crystal I used as my accentuating piece for my necklace. But it photographs a different color! Here is me using my bead board. I used jewelry wire covered with nylon, like I always do.

Then added clasps and closed everything off with crimp beads.

You can see me wearing it with my costume here.

It is a really nice statement piece to add to the costume. Even from far away you can see it. If only I didn't blend into my stage and curtains!
Here is a better picture of it just in my house.

Hope you enjoyed my costume series. Of course I am off making another costume.... I can't help myself. For the rest of my 60 days to DC blogging click here.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 27:Starry Nights Bellydance Costume

I called this costume Starry Nights rather than blue and black crystal b/c when I was looking at it one night sewing, I reminded me of Van Gough's starry nights.

The blue and black swirls with the tips of white. Here is a picture tutorial of what I did and tracking my progress.

Matching the swirls was the hardest. Now for the belt. Pretty much repeat the top.

I started to fill in the bra and belt at the same time

Now I usually just fill in starting with the biggest beads I have available and split between the bra and belt. And then work my way down in size. This has become sort of my beading signature. I am very good at doing this! Then I added fringe and some drapes!

Here is me performing in this costume.

I just wished I had not blended into the stage or the stage lights were on. In the light this costume is stunning. The crystal is way too pretty! I do like the open sides. They look nice against my pale skin.

Here is the costume done but not on me but some nice close ups

Hope you enjoyed how I made this costume. Sometimes I wish I put it on a blue background b/c sometimes I think the swirls get lots. If I begin to really hate it I will pull every one of these beads, btw this is the most expensive costume I have ever made being that it is all made out of crystal-some of which are Swarvoski, and redo an entire costume. Yes I am absolutely serious about this!

Here is to the rest of my posts, an a non-threatening hurricane coming my way. For more of my 60 days of blogging posts see here.



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