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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Announcing the 99 Challenge

Merry Christmas everyone! I know it is not the beginning of the year yet but I wanted to announce my 2014 Refashioning challenge. The 99 Refashion challenge!! Yes really!

(without the letters, it is just too funny!)
So I sat down one day and was cleaning out my closet and going through everything. I wrote everything down and went wow, I have that many things to fix?? Always looking for a challenge for each year, I said let's go for 99!

Singing the Jay-Z song 99 problems   or
the 99 Bottles on the wall...

Let's adapt them to refashioning
- I got 99 refashions but the ___ ain't one (still trying to fit a word in there-I'm clueless)
- 99 refashions in my closet. 99 refashions to fix. Take one down, sew it around.. 98 refashions in my closet.

So I better get to sewing. All of my refashions will be found on this page via a linky tool. Come back and view! :)


1 comment:

Desarae said...

Great way to challenge yourself and keep track of your progress. My 'to refashion' projects are simply folded and overflowing from a large tote that sits in my room! I'm looking forward to your refashions!


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