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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue & White Polka Dots Shorts- My first time sewing shorts!

I decided I was going to attempt to make a pair of shorts. I had this cute pattern from McCalls M6328. Which, btw is out of print. I went for the ones with bows, view E.

I had some sort of polyester/rayon material blue and white polka dots that I thought would look cute as shorts with bows.

Now I have no pictures during or even cutting. I cut them in Mobile before I left but didn't have time to sew b/c of the move. I thought I lost the back pieces. Then I found them. Then I had issues understanding how to put in the zipper in-I did OK. Not my best. These shorts were hard to make and I had problems understanding the pattern for some reason. I was in stage 4 and very agitated for about 2 days. For the sake of my sewing sanitty and argument, I proved a point and sewed a dress in a fraction of the time (post coming next week). That's how pathetic I felt about making these shorts. I wound up cutting off 3 inches from the bottom of the shorts b/c the material was thin and my boyfriend (and I concurred) they looked like granny shorts. No idea why. I also opted to not do the bow.

Not my best sewing project but a decent start. They could be a lot worse! Here are the end pictures! It was so weird to see my legs! It has been so cold that I only wear pants. Well hello legs!!

I tried it with a tighter sweater since they are a bit big on me. I liked how it looked. 

And oooh a blue sweater! LOL!

I cut a 14 thinking they would fit just right and really I could have went smaller to a 12. Not bad, again first time with shorts and a front zipper. I still need some work with that! Must find some good youtube videos or something!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Iron Craft '13 #4- Red Carpet

Challenge #4 the red carpet.... Well let me just start off with my intentions were to finish a gown made out a light flannel for this project. It would have been a PJ gown which would have been fabulous. Unfortunately with all the projects going on (I have been working with chiffon) I just could not swing it. the pattern has been cut it just needs sewing. It will be this dress

So stay tuned I hope to work on this dress in the next week or two. And it's going to be soooo comfy!

Well back to the project, so this project was to make something you would wear on the red carpet or something inspired by a movie. I actually watched some of the Oscars last night and one thing that got me was the mani-cam! How much fun is this?

Man there were some great manicures! Well I thought I would try my hand at a fun Ruby Red Glitter nails! And that would be my project.

First I started off with 2 different nailpolishes and some red glitter.

First painted my nails with one red

Then the glittery nailpolish I painted in a diagonal across the nail. Sort of like a triangle

Then sprinkle on glitter. Reseal with the nail polish

So here are the end nails, walking down my "runway"

Well I tried. These look a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to dry. I don't know how some of these people who post with fancy manicures how they do it. I mean it took forever. I got sewing to do dang it! And well I won't be doing fancy nails any time soon since I stink at it. Also it is really hard to take pictures when you are by yourself!!! I have paint and glitter on my camera!!!!

Looking forward to the next iron craft!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well you can't win them all... I give up on paint by number

So this is on my craft list. A collection of small paint by numbers. It has been in my closet for a looooong time....

So long that when I pulled out my Eiffel tower, the paint is so thin it does not cover. :(

Do you see how small that is? That is not good for my eyes. I give up and gave away this project. Maybe someone with better eyes will enjoy it! Oh well! I'd rather not get a headache. And it takes one thing off my list now! Yeah ;)


Friday, February 22, 2013

Gluten Free Pizza Mix!

Pizza time! Oh how I miss pizza ever since I went Gluten Free. Pizza is a weakness. Until I found this mix (on clearance) and thought I would give it a try!

Followed the instructions and mixed up the batter. (you will have extra in the bag, there is more than enough for 2 pizzas in each bag so I saved the leftovers for later since I bought multiple bags. 

Spread onto a cookie sheet. It has to be spread to 14 inches. Yes b/c if you don't it will not cook right. 

All spread out on the cookie sheet and ready to bake. Bake the crust first. 

This is what happens when you try to take pictures for the blog. I got a little burnt but it is ok. Also you will notice you did it right with spreading the crust if it shrinks like it did here. 

Spread the sauce and add cheese and other toppings. Bake again.

Here's mine- cheese pizza with fresh mozarella pieces. 

This is my boyfriend's pizza- loaded with pepperoni! 

These are delicious! We have now made a total of 6 pizzas and we are happy with the outcome, provided you spread the crust thin. this satisfies my pizza cravings now.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Turquoise beaded gold necklace

Alright another attempt at destashing my bling stash. Wow that's a lot of stash in one sentence. ;) I had this gold necklace that I never wore but was in part of the pack I received from the jewelry maker. Enter beautiful blue turquoise beads which were the wrong color for a bellydance costume but perfect for going with the gold of this necklace. I decided I wanted to weave the beads through the circles.

I simply started with some flexible wire. Using a crimp bead, I locked the beaded wire to the end of the necklace. One of the small loops. Then I wove the beads in and out of the rings. 

Repeat with the next few wires of beads. 

This was the end result. I love the 2 colors. 

Now the necklace was too short for my taste. Enter Lauren trying to make an extender for her necklace. So yeah I am winging it but it worked!

Jump ring, loop (that fits the bar on the opposite side of the necklace), and chain. 

I actually needed something else so I used one of those long pieces of wire with the loop at the end (forget name) and then looped it myself at the finished end. Note: I am not good with making loops with wire. 


Hey look it connects! Yes!!

I sort of liked this over exposed shot of me. 

Almost looks like a yearbook photo. LOL So I also kept it. 

Another +1 for my bling points. Yes! I have been on a sewing kick so expect now more sewing posts after this one. I go through phases of what I want to do in my spare time. :)



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