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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Part 1 of 2015 Charity Goals!

Now I know I have mentioned that I have been in a blogging rut- the cold doesn't inspire me to click away but I will say that I have been sewing some. It has been wonderful. I know that my 2015 goals have been lofty (see here for my resolutions) and I had some time to just clear my head and think over the holidays. Last year I sewed a lot of clothing for myself, between the 99 refashions and sewing in general. It put a strain on my creativity sometimes b/c I was solely focused on numbers. And I didn't work on many other projects, some of which have just been sitting here. I thought, let me change this up. Last year it was all about me and increasing my wardrobe, how about I start this year out by sewing for others and other projects. I hypothesized that this would increase my probably of finishing projects that I need to finish. It would also give me a nudge to make a leap into something I may not be comfortable doing. Also, maybe this would help me move some of my lumps, I mean fabric stash.

Resolution #4 is to sew through some of my scraps and make things for charity. My goal is 300.
First project was bibs. I love bibs, they are easy to make and I can use a lot of fabric. I had planned (sigh yup last year was too ambitious) to make more for charity, as I have done in the past, and brought an entire bolt of fusible fleece on sale.  So I had everything on hand. I just started grabbing scraps of fabric and sorted to sizes that would work for my bib pattern. I also found pre-cut bibs that I never sewed so I had a good start. I cut and cut and cut and cut. OMG fabric was everywhere. I killed a rotary cutter blade. I usually cut multiple layers of fabric at once to maximize my time.

Then I attached to the fusible fleece. I worked out how I could maximize my usage of fusible fleece, I really didn't waste much! I did it in batches. I cut my heart out. Then fused and fused and fused. My poor iron looked rough afterward. Then I cut out the bib individually. Then I paired front and backs. Sew. Sew. Sew.

Fact, I timed myself and my average time to sew a bib is 1:30. Yeah I know this pattern so well that I could do it with my eyes closed, I promise you!! Then excess fabric was removed and corners and round seams were clipped. I then turned them all right side out (great and easy to do while watching a movie!). Iron again (after cleaning my iron!!) and seal with a piece of stitch witchery. Add snaps. The snaps my boyfriend and I did on Saturday. We just hammered away and banged on fingers. Our poor thumbs!

So drumroll please..... The final count is 120!!! Yes 120! I am super excited!

I have quite a variety of fabrics. Some are refashions, that if you follow my blog you may recognize. Same with fabrics-some you will probably recognize.

These made me laugh- they were clearance iron-ons. Also the refashions, which were a total of 19.
One of my favorite set of bibs were these Indian paisley fabric. You may recognize the fabric from this refashion (and yes I know I ironed on the middle fabric to the fleece on backwards so the colors are dull but the pattern is there).
I loved this skirt to dress refashion, I had leftover fabric and I really like those bibs!!

The bibs have a home they are traveling to and are given to a charity. The box I got was the perfect size. I love many of these were upcycled from other projects and the fabric isn't getting tossed into the dumpster. Also, a great way to start the year with my goals! 120 is awesome! I had no idea it was going to be this big! It is not quite half but almost!!!

Now since I knocked out this project relatively "fast", my next question is what next? I have actually sewn something for myself for MGAM and that will post soon (haven't had any darn light for pictures!). My options are my t-shirt quilt that I already started and didn't finish, my latch hook, or another charity sew. Currently I am leaning toward the quilt. Then do the latch hook as I might need a sewing and cutting fabric break. As for my next charity sewing project it won't be bibs again, it will be something else. My ideas are stuffed animals- teddy bears (because I got a free pattern) and maybe smaller animals; then I also realized I have everything for dolls- like rag dolls, this would be a great stash buster as I would use the flesh colored fabric and fabric scraps for dresses, and an added bonus would be the yarn I could use up for hair. My other ideas (the previous ones are a higher priority) based on the fabric I have would be knit hats with some of the knit fabric I have-I just need to use it first- it would work for both babies and adults; fun quilts with other scraps, walker caddies, really the sky is the limit. Let's see. Baby steps.

So expect to see a little less "me" stuff and more posts on things for others. Yes I will continue to MGAM (make a garment a month for myself) and refashion. I just don't want the pressure of hitting numbers. Actually, it is a bit refreshing not having that looming number above my head.



Helena A. said...

Hi Lauren!
UAU, 120 bibs??? And you say you are going baby steps??? I don´t think you can!!! ;)
I am glad that you are going to keep doing refashions because you are awesome with that!
I wish I could sew like you...
How did you learn to sew?
Kisses from Portugal

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! LOL Yeah baby steps NEVER happens with me right? But at least they are going to a good cause. More refashions are on the way! :)

Marie said...

Your bibs are adorable! Love that you're sewing for charity. My charity project this month was pillow cases for the children's home. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


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