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Thursday, January 14, 2010


My parents just brought a new cadillac escalade. my mom loves it b/c she loves suv's and being higher and taller. however the one thing they did not consider is will it fit in the garage.....


I told her that rappers drive escalades but she just loves it! she's going to put a low jack on it just in case it gets stolen.

they believe it will barely fit in the garage lengthwise

they believe it will just fit in the garage heightwise (barely!)

however opening and closing the doors may be an issue..... they can probably get one side to open but if someone wants to sit on the passenger side well sorry you must climb!

they are in the process of rearranging the garage and deciding what to do (toss some crap???) and hopefully my mom can put her pretty black escalade in the garage.

this still just cracks me up!

wahoo for civics!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm serger ready!!!

Well yesterday I had my first lesson on sewing with a serger. For those of you who don't know what a serger is, a serger is basically a fancier sewing machine that will cut your material as it is sewing on a series of threads. Your fabric won't fray and the ends looks professional. I got my serger off craigslist. I have never used one nor did I know anyone who actually has one. I had some basic ideas of what i wanted in a serger and luckily an ad came up on craigslist for a Janome serger. I looked it up, the machine normally costs $500 and they wanted $160. I chewed the guy down to $140 and poof I had a serger! Its actually in great condition considering the guys wife only used it 5X!!! Sweetness.

But before I could sew I need lessons. I managed to get the machine threaded and snuck a quick sew. Awesomeness but i really didn't know how to use the machine. I needed lessons. Basic serging 101 was offered at "all about sewing" (see www.allaboutsewing.org) Again I was the youngest person in the class. And I was the only bellydancing scientist too. But I mentioned to my teacher how i was interested in sewing costumes. Luckily she had in the past sewed some gynastics uniforms for her son so she had a lot of advice to give me.

I got there and immediately my already threaded machine was dethreaded before I could blink my eyes. That little old lady was there and maybe she recognized me and immediately she started to talk her head off. She also kept showing me stuff, and i just thought maybe she's just this friendly to everyone. LOL I havve no idea! And i had to learn the proper way. Poo! And apparently I'm a retarded b/c i didn't bring a screwdriver or tweezers or a needle lasso like everyone else so i had to keep asking for help. LOL they just said bring your machine and 4 different colors of thread. But i mastered rethreading it and theory quickly and i was the first in my class to sew. Take that lady who's machine is idiot proof and threads itself! :p

I finished my class excited and on cloud 9. i can do a rolled hem now. sweetness.i got a needle lasso. and i go home pumped. i need to debulk my black skirt i have so much extra fabric in there. perfect time to test out my machine. with a few calcs i figure out how to debulk it. I took 20 inches off the waist! OMG and with in minutes the edges of the skirt look great. now i just need to fix the casing for the elastic band. and the skirt is officially done. now i'm jonesing for another project! LOL :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valentine's day Wreath

Is done! OMG it is totally not what i had intended to do with the heart wreaths since I got this heart garland on sale a few weeks ago. I got inspired by this sequin fabric i had brought years ago (circa pre 2004??) but never used it b/c the glue used to attach the sequins messed up your sewing machine unless you want to clean the needle every few inches. So i never wanted to actually sew with it! but I thought it would be awesome to attach it to the wreaths it might be cool. i cut strips and grabbed my hot glue gun. After getting hot glue all over my fingers (it means i'm doing it right!) they were complete! I sat and looked at them and thought what else I should do with them but I just couldn't get myself to add anything to them and I didn't know what i wanted to add even if i did. I just thought it would be too cheesy. The picture does not do it justice b/c they sparkle. LOL I love things that sparkle! Tacked a hook on the back to hang up and it is now the decor on my front door! Someone better not steal it!

Ok off to finish another project but tonight I need to go to bed early tonight.
I'm exhausted, maybe from all the thinking i have done in addition to the crappy sleep i got last night. So early bed time for me tonight, I need to have my A game tomorrow. I get trained on the new confocal tomorrow. I am going to need every brain cell tomorrow.

doing the happy dance!

well its official i have officially signed the papers for my position til June 1st here at the college of medicine. i am so excited and blessed to the way things ended up. I have a fairy godfather! I'm not jobless and I have plenty of time to look for another position and think things thru.
And with all the reading i am doing i have found some loopholes and avenues to pursue now in research! yes! i'm so sick of sitting on my ass in my office. i am ready to do some work and generate data! i am so excited about it! :) yay!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Craft and sewing resolutions

Here is my craft list of the things I'd like to do this year, laid out more.....

1. lion latch hook (its going in my closet to replace my barbie rug)

2. fall leave and pumpkin table runner. its a cross stitch that i will back with material and serge to finish.

3. matching pumpkin cloth napkins (this again is for mom!)

4. Turkey and pumpkin stuffed projects. I have like a gazillion of them too. this is a first for me, may take some time to tweak. again for mom and family for fun times at thanksgiving.

5. Snowmen pre-printed cross stitch stockings. they are so cute. will probably be gifts but i'm guessing i'll fall in love with them and won't want to part! there's 2 of them tho!

6. cuban cigar cross stitch. this will be my grandmother's christmas gift. i never finished it this year. counted cross stitches at times get on my nerves and i want more instant gratification.

7. finish my silver hipbelt that i made to match my silver bra from china. :)

8. Make matching gold and black hip belt for the bra i beaded. i also need to add the glass bead fringe i got from egypt too.

9. make matching crimson and black hip belt for the bra i beaded too.

10. Asian halter tops for me and baklava! i have this gorgeous asian brocade fabric that is just being called out to be used up! :)

11. Pink leopard costume set. Skirt is almost done. Need to bead it and then cover a bra. You will probably see me from space that fabric is so loud but so cute!

12. iris latch hook (dreaming but would love to get this out of my closet!)

13. vintage light up santa cars. its a felt kit, very cute.

14. penguin noel wall hanging. this is for joan for xmas. she loves penguins.

15. christmas at the beach felt ornaments. don't know who they are going to but someone in south florida!

16. finish up my small asian "bless this house" needlepoint. i already have one done, this would match!

17. finish up all the small cross stitch ornaments. they take me no time to do and it would get rid of some clutter! i'd say there are almost 10??? most can be easily done in 1 night.

18. flame skirt. and i think make a matching halter for it. could be a bellydance costume, could be a halloween costume if i throw on a pair of horns (or just let mine grow out according to some people) and get a pitch fork.

19. sew the following fashion items
A. Dress
B. Sweater
C. Skirt
D. Jacket
E. Shirt* (open to what i actually make)

20. advent calendar, easy sew project!

21. valentine wreath finish

22. Make beaded heart necklaces with the monofilament

23. Peacock feather bellydance costume???? :) oh yeah! i'd like it to be functional in either the tribal fusion and cabaret worlds too.

24. Pink pearl necklace!

25. Gold chain beaded necklace.

26. Make a quilt/blanket for Project Linus (www.projectlinus.org)

27. Zipper heart pendant

28. fix, sequin, and line those spandex skirts I also got from china

I'm sure I forgot things too but its nice to make a formal list. get things off my brain and have some record of it that i can check off as i go! I'm sure it will change as the year progresses but its always good to aim high. if i get 75% of this done by the end of the year i'd be super happy

hmm maybe i should open up an etsy account and sell some things that i am not going to use. that may make my boyfriend happier. LOL!!

2010 is here!

So 2009 is done and I'm glad its over. The beginning and the end of the year were rough for me, espcially healthwise. Due to my current injury it looks like I'll be a little less active physically this 2010 beginning so I'll be crafting more! :) Got to rest my broken hip muscle and I'm only 30 years old! Seriously!

So my new years resolutions this year is to ....
1. reduce my fabric collection by 50%. this mean make those costumes for bellydance for me and baklava
2. reduce my craft projects by 50%. this includes the christmas felt projects, the cross stitches, and the pumpkin sewing projects. all which if i focus i can crank out fast!
3. stop looking like a slob when i get out of bed and go to work!
4. finish my glass dance
5. reduce my debt to 50% of its current status. (very feasible)
6. sew each of the following: sweater, dress, skirt, shirt, and a jacket. they have to be non-bellydance related!
7. volunteer a little more this year!
8. stop getting sick!
9. Run at least 5 5Ks! (this will have to wait about 2 months)
10. Finish using up everything I have!... I started this resolution last year and was very successful. I never realized how many hair care products, body lotions, face treatments, masks, perfumes, etc i have and that I have stock piled. I made the resolution to not buy any lotion or soap, etc last year and i can say i am still not done with everything! And now i'm back stocked up again from the holidays with my family! let's see how long i last! :)

Let's hope for a great 2010! This is hard to write on my checks still!


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