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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am back and so will be the blog!

So what I dreaded might happen- actually happened. Life got a little busy and carried away. And my blog took a back burner. Several things happened. I lost my mentor to cancer. It was incredibly saddening and I am currently trying to put things together. The lab was almost ready and I am left with some uncertainty. However, the only thing I can do is to keep moving forward and look for the guidance of others. And maybe say many, many prayers for strength and knowledge to move forward. I cried for days and I am sure I am not done crying. It just feels so surreal.

After that occurred, I took a small tumble down some escalator stairs, I think my head was in the clouds coupled with some water soaked steps and I just lost my balance. Luckily the only thing that I hurt was my shin. No broken bones, just highly bruised ones with a lovely knot. It took some time but I had to stay off of it. Still no heals for me. I did a little bit of sewing. Then I was out of town on a well needed vacation.

So the blog took a back burner. This weekend is catch up with pictures, editing, and scheduling posts. Hopefully things will get back in the swing of things and you will see some good stuff! :) But don't you hate it when your life gets in the way of your life?

Cheers everyone,


jenny_o said...

Sometimes everything just seems to happen at once, doesn't it? I'm sorry for your loss, and your injury, and hope better days are coming.

Lovely Light said...

Sorry for your loss. Tough to lose someone who gave you guidance- look within yourself and you will find the inspiration you need to continue on the same path.


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