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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 90: Periwinkle Ice Bellydance Costume

So it all started with this big skirt I purchased from goodwill and unpicked to discover it was very very large! So large that not only did we fit 3 people we fit 4 people!

We wound up turning it into this costume for our troupe (5 costumes now).

I still had a lot of satin leftover. So I wanted to make another costume with the leftovers. Even though there was some glue marks still. It did not matter b/c the beads were going to cover them up.
And then finally it comes to this costume. I oringinally purchased clear ab beads over the years and inherited some from other people and I wanted to do an all white costume that was a mix of clear ab beads. One day I was cleaning out my closet and a piece of the periwinkle satin from the tribal fusion costume was near the clear ab beads and I realized no.... I need to make a costume cominging these 2 colors. It would be amazing.

So I started with gluing the big pieces and sewing on the big beads. And I played around with the center piece too. I had something in my stash of course.

Then just sew sew sew. Now before I filled everything completely in, I needed to decide how to edge the costume. I could not find pre-strung sequins that would match. I actually purchased individual sequins in different blues to see what would work the best. Here is me playing around with them.

I chose medium cornflower blue. So I sewed on the sequins on the edges of the costumes. Yes each one indiviually.

Eek! the strap was too short. I had to extend it further with felt... boo

So I finished the top also with sequins. And the straps too.... Now time for easy filling in! I glued the different clear AB finish rhinestones (and they were big too!) to fill in the costume. Less for me to sew. Yeah! FYI it is way easier to add to rhinestones to the glue spots then it is to glue the rhinestone then add. Trust me!!!

Done! Wahoo! Well almost..

Add the fringe to the bottom of the belt.

Now I need to add fringe to the bra. I used beads I got at Michael's. I cheated b/c they had jump rings. I decided to sew it on as is...

Ahhh! Done!!! I actually didn't have a performance to wear it to b/c I had gotten sick. So I wore it to practice one night. So I am completely not made up. And well the stress is getting to me with the move and I have put on some weight. But here is how I would like to wear the costume.

OMG I can't believe that I made it through 90 days. OMG I can't believe that I am moving. Wow. We leave with the truck on Thursday! For all of the posts click here!

It was a lot of fun. It was really great to finish projects before the move. I can't believe I did 90 posts! Wow! Give me some time to unpack and get internet before more posts will begin to trickle back to the blog. Life is crazy! But life is good!

I hope you have enjoyed my 90 days of blogging. :)


Day 89: My 10 minute halloween costume

Our friends' Kim and Jamie were getting married and I had no idea if I was going to make it or not with the move and everything going on. But alas we were in town. There wedding was at 530 and I was NOT thinking. I am trying to keep up with the move which is so last minute and I didn't even think of a costume! Their wedding was a Tim Burton themed wedding and invited people to wear costumes. Err. At 330pm I realized I had nothing to wear, it completely DID NOT cross my mind. Initially before the even started I was going to be marie antoinette and had a dress to refashion. So I really had nothing, and I had half a house that was packed. Wow....

So I started going through some stuff. I found a pair of shorts from Hot Top that I have had forever that was black and lace and ruffles. I have never worn them before. I kept them for a long time and thought they would be a bellydance costume. I next grabbed a black skirt that was a 2X that was going to turn into a pair of bellydance pants. But I just haven't had any time. I found 2 black flowers that I realized had safety pins on them and I found a few scattered safety pins in my house b/c I could not find my stock.

So I rolled up and gathered and pinned the gathers in the front only. And added a pair of boots

Found a black top and some feathered craft trim. I folded the trim in half to make like a feathered neckline.

That was safety pinned down. Now it is cold outside so I added a cranberry jacket. Then I needed to tame those feathers. And they dyed my fingers black. I got annoyed but I was running out of time so if I removed them I would have to wash my chest and neck. So I had a red ruffle scarf that worked perfectly. It kept the feathers at bay.

So added some hair flowers and feathers (hey didn't have to do my hair! yes!) And I was off to the party. Here are some pictures.

Let me say the feathers were annoying but they kept my neck super warm in the chilly weather. I will also add that I will not be taking them to DC. They shed, they dyed things, and therefor they are gone! I had a great night with friends before the move and glad I got to see my friends get married!

1 more day! And 3 more days to the move! Ahhhhhhhhh. For more of my saner posts of the 90 days click here.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 88: refashioned necklace

So wow I didn't know what the heck I did with scheduling these last days. So now I must atone...

First I had this old necklace that I just never wore it. The strands just seemed to get tangled with each other. And I could never untangle it in time for work so I always gave up!

So I realized it is time to refashion this into a new necklace b/c it does have pretty pink beads on it!

After plucking and cutting i put the beads on my necklace board to sort them out and figure out my new necklace.

So simply used gold jewlery wire and beaded everything up. Next time to finish the neckalce. I used this magnetic clasp, 2 crimp tubes, and 2 gold jump rings.

Next finnish each side.Crimp the tubes

Repeat the other side. Eas necklace!

Up close.

I am almost done. And almost done packing. And getting ready to move. And getting ready to deal with a potential hurricane heading to D.C. OMG I just want for this entire nightmare to be over!!!  Ahh. I am running around with my head cut off.

To see the rest of the 90 days of posting click here! :)


Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 87: Sea Salt cranberry walnut quinoa

I found this sea salt and pepper quinoa mix at TJ Max. I thought I would try it out. I have recently discovered quinoa and wow it is great! Did you know quinoa is a grain that is 75% pure protein? It is really good for you! So I am on a quinoa kick!!

So I followed the instructions to cook. Add water.


Add the lid. Sit for 20 minutes.

Fluff! Everything turned out wonderful!

But I wanted to add some more nutrition to the mix. I am in the process of cleaning out my pantry for the move (T-minus days and counting!) and I had leftover dried cranberries and some walnuts. I add those to the mix. Here is my dinner (and lunch the following day!)

Omg this was delicious! And really easy to make! I like that! For more of my 90 days of posting click here! 

Ahh! 3 more days left! Yay!



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