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Saturday, April 25, 2015

A pathetic blog

Well hello. Welcome to my almost non-existent blog. I know it has been sad. A sad, sad truth. There has been a lot going on.... I went away for training. As I went away for this training, I caught this doozy of a head cold. It was bad, I went through an entire box of tissues in a single day. It was not a small box of tissues. There was a horrible snow storm, the day of my first class. I tried my hardest to just drag myself to class, make it through class, come back to the hotel and just sleep. I thought I was getting better, but when I got home I relapsed.

I never recovered, I only got worse. Then everything was a struggle. I began to loose my breathe doing the simplest of tasks. I went to the doctor when I realized there was no recovering and I was diagnosed with bronchitis. There was a possible hint of pneumonia in my right lung. There was no sewing or anything  I did start my tshirt quilt. I have not finished it....

I did get part of my New Years Resolutions, I read a book!! For fun!! Crazy right? Well I had a long train ride and this was a great way to pass the time. So I read a book for fun. I know I am behind the times but I also don't read for fun. It is always science related. And then maybe sewing.

I also had a come to Jesus moment. I sewed and refashioned a LOT of clothes last year. A lot. It all has to go somewhere, which is my closet (s). I looked at my refashion pile AND my fabric pile, add in no time to sew and then I had a vision- I have too much stuff. This is not what I want and not what I need as a person. So taking a break from sewing and refashioning to go through my closets would not hurt, it would be beneficial. I can officially say I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes. I could probably get rid of more. I have started some refashions and they should be trickling through the blog. I need to get it together and sew some as well. Hopefully that will also begin. But I realized I would rather have things that I love than things I only semi-love wearing. No worries they were all redonated back to stores. I think of it as one less ugly piece of clothing rotating around the world. :)

At least I was able to write this post. Now off to aerial yoga. I am finally getting back to exercising! Yay!



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