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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bear and crown baby bibs, Butterick B4533

Yup so I am so entailed with my last minute halloween costume that I didn't finish up my posts and get it together. So here is my late posts...Another baby gift, been sewing a lot!

I opted to try this pattern and make 2 of the patterns- the bib and the crown. Now I will preface this will I lost the instructions after I cut the pattern. Yeah true story. So I had to wing it!

For the teddy bears, I never want to see them again. So, at first I embroidered a lot- the pink cheek circles, the eyes, nose, smile. It was absolutely too much and took a lot of time. I figured out how to sew the cheeks via my sewing machine. Then I used paint for the eyes. This then left embroidery of the nose and mouth. Much faster. It was a lot of sewing. Just a lot. After the face was done, then ears were added, then the back, then I attached everything to the front of the bib, then attach the back to the front of the bib. Close and add a snap. Yeah it was that involved. Just wow. I never want to see a bear anytime soon!

Now the crown bibs were way easier. I sewed the front and back of the crown to each other, turned right side out and then attached to the bib. These were super cute.

Overall, I am very happy with this pattern. I love the end products. I just never want to make another Teddy Bear bib again (I made 5 so yes I am over it!). LOL. But something cute and different.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Flowered slip sewing- Kwik Sew 3554

Oops looks like I had scheduling issues. Here is today's post. Trying something new here- make a nightie/slip using this Kwik Sew pattern 3554.

I had this fabric in my stash, it was flowered. Lots of orange and black. I actually didn't care for it but thought it would be a good practice. I didn't have a lot of it, as you can see in the following pictures. I ran out of length and for 1 cup Sigh...

Make it work! Sewing was pretty easy. I did have some issues on the cups which caused me to rip it out a few times and try again Then It did take some time to work out the straps. And then when it was done- I no longer hate the fabric.

Actually I love it. I finished with a simple double stitch.

Surprised that after sewing this, I wound up loving the fabric. Whew knew! What a lovely end product! :)


Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby dress with matching bloomers B3405

Been on a small hiatus from myself and was sewing some baby gifts for some friends. There must be something in the water b/c all of a sudden a lot of pregnancies. I set off to make some gifts and I decided I would try out this pattern I had from Butterick. B3405. I opted to make the dress with matching bloomers.

B3405, Infants' Dress, Top, Romper, Panties, Hat & Headband

I first made this pattern with the leftover cherry blossom fabric (that I made this dress with).

Next, I made it with this pink gingham fabric I had (and never used)

OMG I loved both of them so much, I almost didn't want to give it away. I know I am horrible person. The dresses were pretty easy sews- the back is all snaps. The pink one I magically got a hole (??? out of no where) so I had to adjust where the snaps fell. At least it was in the right spot. My only other criticism of this pattern was the fact that the bloomers didn't have the size of elastic I needed for the legs and waist. It said to measure the baby (a fact near impossible since some were not born yet). If you are sewing for a gift- using this pattern has a few minor snags. So I found another pattern that was older and used those numbers based on weight for size.

I am happy with the outcome! Just way to cute!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Knit pantsuit- Vogue pattern 9116

When I first saw this pattern in the Vogue release, 9116, I just had to have it! It just seemed like the perfect romper pattern!

There are 2 options for the romper: with and without straps.

Then in one of my Hancock fabric trips (which I have held back for many weeks- my wallet thanks me), I found this awesome black, pink, and white mosaic chevron pattern- I knew this pattern just had to be made with this fabric.

It is a super easy cut, but I can just see I might have issues with the width of the pants. But first I needed to sew it and see how it hangs on me. I opted for a size 10 (a size under where I normally cut) since there seems like a lot of ease in this pattern. And wow these were big pant legs. I mean like woah... well run with it.

Pretty easy sew b/c it is a knit and I love sewing with knits.

Truly, this looks more like a dress than a pantsuit. Which is probably why I like it. So it isn't as drapey like the first picture but I also don't like low cut things. I already have issues with the coverage on this thing- I have to tack it closed or else the top pops open. The length is great for me or anyone tall. If you are shorter then you will definitely need to take off the length. I am glad it is a small pattern when it came to selection of a fabric. It blends everything in and no matching. I don't think I would have liked this pantsuit had I done it in a solid color.



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