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Friday, December 5, 2014

Blue Chiffon/lace top, refashion #92

Boy this top gave me a lot of grief for sewing. Let me state this from the get go! I liked the chiffon and the lace inserts. I just thought this wouldn't be difficult to make it fit.

The arm holes needed fixing and needed to come in closer to my body. I also pulled up the sewed the top at the shoulder. I made the elastic smaller and took in the sides because it had a sagginess. I also wound up sewing out the lace insert on the sides and cut off some of the bottom. The middle picture shows how much I took off. This took a long time because I would do something, try it on, and then say MEH I still don't like it.

Even though this took a lot of work, I made it work in the end. Yes this is me sneezing. LOL


No more lace on the sides- I was slightly bummed but it does look better.

The recap! Whew! Glad that is over!


7 more left!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Union Jack Sweatshirt Refashion, #91

I think this sweatshirt I found was a mens. It was a size small and it was still pretty big on me. I always need warm clothes. I also wanted to give this sweatshirt a little bit of a personality. I have seen a bunch of union jack items and thought, oooh! I could add that!
First, time to just take in. I hemmed with my twin needle- OMG LOVE!!! I also took off the bands from the bottom of the shirt and sleeves.
Next, I had this holey sweatshirt that I really can only use for scraps.

I have used it previously to refashion another sweatshirt but I made a heart. Click here for the post!

I first printed out the flag so I would be accurate. I also printed out the size I wanted to achieve for the sweatshirt. Then I traced what I would need for the red part on one sheet of paper and then the same for the white. Cut out. I used scrap white fabric that was like t-shirt material. I lined it up as center I could. Then I cut out the red.

I sat down and watched a movie and grabbed some embroidery floss. In red and white. I then hand stitched it to my shirt. Which this is the first hand stitching I have done since my injury. I can do it but MAN! Sometimes I get nerve flares. Eek! Here is me almost done. I just had to add the small stripes. 

And here it is done! In LOVE!!!! BTW I would like to draw some attention to my legs.I started aerial yoga and I saw this picture and noticed that it has begun to get my legs in nice shape! Yay!

Up close

Yeah for new sweatshirt! A much better improvement! Here is the recap!
8 more to go !!!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving apron, fixing an apron neckline, Refashion #90

Yay! Another refashion! Yeah. But I will say this has been in the works for some time now. I just finally finished it. First I had this apron that I was surprised that I got at a charity event. It is perfect for Thanksgiving! But one thing that drives me nuts about aprons is having that knot behind my neck. And if it comes undone while I am cooking- not good. I thought there has to be some sort of solution.

I dyed the apron sunshine orange first b/c I could probably not wear this color on a normal day. But perfect for a Thanksgiving apron. Next, I had some extra bling and I ironed that on. Next to fix my neck tie issues I cut and added D-rings to the apron. OMG no more knots behind my neck!

So only got 1 picture before my camera died. I also sewed on lace and sequins to the apron. Yay for shiny.

Soon I will update with a closer photo. But here is the recap. And yes I did wear it while cooking. Just didn't think about taking a photo!
So close to the end! Yeah I can do it! I can't believe I have done that many refashions! Whew!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Funky print long sleeve top, refashion #89

Today is just a quick and easy refashion. Again, it is winter- I need some long sleeves. Blah blah. You know the drill! Found this long sleeve top with bright patterns and at first I wasn't on planning on keeping the top as is but then I changed my mind. BTW forgive me in this picture- but what is up with my hands and my wrists in this photo?

I simply took in the sleeves starting at the sleeves and working my way in through the waist and hips area. I serged off the excess material.

Poof done! Now this might be a little flashy for your taste but this will make a great shirt under a sweater for the cold weather. And something great for yoga as well. :) Simple, easy and a nice outcome.

Here's the recap!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Workout wear refashions #87/88

Alright well I am back. I decided to take some after photos this past weekend and I even got some time to sew. I also was lazy, watched movies, and caught up on sleep. Happy Holidays.

Now for some refashions.... I am so close to my 99 refashion challenge and been furiously sewing away. Here is a big shirt made out of spandex I found and of course I loved the pattern. But seriously how do you wear it? It was a fabulous spandex. And I mean fabulous!

I recently became introduced to Jalie patterns which offer a bunch of workout wear, skating, and dance patterns. I was looking for a pair of hot shorts that I first wanted to make from this top. Boom found this pattern!

Here are my shorts. This is my first time with a double needle and spandex and wow can I say I'm in love? Double needle where have you been all my life?

I looked at the leftover fabric and realized I had just enough to make the sports bra with the same pattern with the criss cross straps in the back. Yes! So here is my matching sports bra! It fits great!

I just love the back.
I learned how to use foldover elastic (got it on amazon, now I have a giant spool of black foldover elastic!) for this project as the pattern specifically calls for it. It was slightly stressful but I got over it. And I put it on with no threads popping! Yes!!!

Not bad huh? The recap looks great! And I got a new workout set (that I will wear the shorts at home) for less than $5. The sports bra is not meant for serious jumping but it will be great for dancing and yoga. :)


Friday, November 21, 2014

Shakeology Review

I have actually had this post for awhile now and needed to be written. At the beginning of summer I began the T25 workout but didn't finish it due to the horrible bone bruise I incurred on my shin. I could not work out for a long time, even with modifiers.

But I did try the shakeology that came with my videos. I thought I would give it a try. Now it did NOT say it was overtly gluten free. It is a proprietary mix of things so I was really nervous about trying this out. I did some research on the internet where some other people mentioned it was gluten free. I gave it a try.

I have now tried it multiple times with different combos of fruits to generate different flavors. Overall, the taste and texture is good. Do I feel less hungry? Nope. Actually, I found myself getting hungrier quicker. In either recipe I tried, I was HUNGRY. The company bills its product as giving you more energy, etc. I did not observe any change from my normal diet in having their product. I tend to throw up a red flag when a company promotes their product has so much benefits. As a scientist by day, I tend to be critical and review everything.  Now comes my last thought regarding purchasing this again- the price. For a 30 day supply, it cost $130. That is a little pricey for my budget.

Based on the assessment of my cravings, not knowing what is actually in the mix, and the price my overall consensus is I will not be purchasing this product again. I don't doubt there is healthy items in the mix, or for some people using this as a meal replacement would yield positive benefits. My own personal meals are pretty healthy and I know what gets put in them. And if there is no labeling it just makes me so nervous!!! With me wanting to save for a house, I just can't justify the money spent.


Please note that all these opinions are my own and are not that of others. I was not reimbursed in any way, shape  or form for my opinion. Please make your own judgements regarding the efficacy of this product.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kristina's Dress Challenge, #86

I went on a group thrifting trip (more info coming on this!) and at the very end, my friend Kristina said alright I challenge someone to fix this dress. Challenge accepted. So let's check out this dress.
Well it is big and has an elastic waist.

A lovely metal embellished collar

and a peak-a-boo faux middle placket. This was built in. 

First, I dyed the fabric with pink iDye to change it up. What I got was a purple color with bright pink accents. It was almost like magenta. Interesting. (sorry no pics).

I cut the top from the bottom. Out came the elastic. 

I used this pattern from simplicity 1693, and changed the sleeves to the longer sleeve option. 

The skirt itself had a lot of fabric, even for long sleeves! 
It was an easy sew. I tried to keep the collar but it didn't work. The metal had chewed up the fabric. :( I really wanted to keep the collar part. Instead, I left it as is. Here is my new shirt. :)

Here is the recap. The change in color is subtle but nice. It is an easy blouse for work. :)

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