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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The big white crochet top, refashion #79

Today will not be a 2 for 1, I am almost all caught up so you will just have to settled with 1 refashion per post. Guess that isn't a bad thing!

First,behold... a white t-shirt. A white shirt that is a 2XL. But it has a cool crochet neckline.

Yeah.... hello! it is Big!!!! 

So I didn't take a picture, nor do I know what color I actually dyed it.... but I got like a periwinkle blue. Not too bad but I still need to do something with it!

I cut off the sleeves and decided to try and convert it to a halter top. The sleeves were on an angle so by following those lines I could create a halter top pretty fast. I made sure I didn't cut off the crochet from that part. The neckline was removed from the back of the top. After that, I needed to take it in on the sides.

What that essentially created was a back flap. I cut it off and left extra to create a casing. No matter what I did, to get a good fit without odd fit issues- I needed some elastic across the back. So cut, create casing, add elastic across back- secure in the side seams. Close casing. Done! 
To get the last part of the halter complete, I folded over the excess fabric and sewed down- I did it very slowly on my sewing machine. I cut the center of the old neckband- which was way too big and trimmed it down to a smaller size to fit my neck. To secure I opted for a snap.

Towards the end of finishing this garment, I realized that I didn't like the bottom band so I cut it off. I hemmed the top with a double needle- which I have no idea why I have not sewn knits with it more!!! It is fabulous! Love it!! My hems look great! Happy!

Here is my new top, which I won't be wearing anytime soon since it is fall and winter is coming!!

The back....

The recap!! You almost don't recognize the top!

omg- 20 more left! wow!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

blue sweater refashion + bonus, #77 & 78

Just a blue sweater. Plain, boring... blah blah blah
I think this was towards the end of the picture taking b/c I look delirious! This was a good time ago! This sweater has just sat! No inspiration whatsoever!

First I just removed the sleeves. I just didn't like them!

Remember that blue dress I refashioned and removed the sleeves? Let me refresh your memory... click here for the post

I used the leftover sleeves and added them to the top. I even removed some of the sides of the top but it didn't do much. After seeing the photos,  need to take it in even more. I promise you, the shirt grows after wearing it! Here is my new top!

Not bad huh? Something now visually appealing.

But wait.... there is more! What about those sleeves? OH yeah this is another 2 for 1 sort of blog post!!
Fall is here and winter is coming. That means my poor older cat who has a heart condition gets cold. As a result, he follows you like a puppy and has to be in your lap all the time because he is cold. It sounds cute but really having a cat in the lap won't work. But he is cold. I decided to convert the sleeve into a sweater. The wrist will be the head and the arm hole will be the bottom of the sweater. I cut some holes big enough for him to move (learned this with the first one which is sort of mangled from scissors). He absolutely loves it!!! I mean he was walking around so happy that I could not get a photo out of him. 

I promise you it is in now way tight on him- cats are poofy with lots of fur. 

I got him to go and eat. Finally some sort of photo. 

But my Sebastian will stay warmer this winter. 

So 1 sweater = 2 sweaters!!! (and a happy cat)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Too much cuff in the pants.... #s 75/76

Hey, so how about Two for Tuesday yesterday? Well since I am playing blog catch up, let's do it again! Here is another 2 more refashions! Since they are the same concept, it will be one post.

First pair.... too much cuff in the pants. These cuffs caught everything and made me almost trip. Not to mention lint traps. I needed to do something else about them.

I mean look at the size of that cuff!!! With very few tacks! They just sort of flapped in the breeze. Um no.

Undid the hem(s!!!) with a seam ripper- check how long they actually are! Next, I tapered in a little of the legs- both inside and outside leg seams.
I cut off the bottom portion and hemmed it. I even attempted to figure it out on my blind hem foot on my sewing machine. Yeah I have to still work that out. Brain hurts. LOL Ahhhh so much nicer.

Now I liked it so much, I repeated with another pair of grey pants. Too long to just right!!... These had a weird bell shape to them at the very bottom so I just let the thighs be... and the thighs needed to just be....

Now at least I have pants that are of less of a danger to myself and others. I can always use more pants, winter is coming! Here is the recap!


BTW 3/4 done

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2 button down tops, # 73 & 74

A tale of 2 button down tops... Both just needed a little bit of tailoring in order for a better fit. Neither needed something with the sleeves. I just needed to remove some of the boxiness.

First a white and grey flannel shirt.

And a nice striped work shirt.

Both of them I started to sew right at the armholes and brought it in. Each had about a good 3-4 inches at the waist.

Then to fix the uneven hem, I serged off the bottom of the shirts to make it even. Then fold up and sew. Ironing helped this a lot. Done!!

First the grey flannel shirt. OMG it is soo warm. 

Fit is nice. Just right. 

The recap!

Next, the button down for work. Again Just right.

The recap.

Wahoo, trying to pay catch up! Today was a 2 for 2! :) 


Monday, October 20, 2014

Blue Linen Skirt, refashion #72

Alright got off my lazy bum and decided to take some after pictures. Now I will say for many of these upcoming pictures, I didn't boether to do my hair. I have issues holding the brush for long periods of time, I sort of have to pick my battles. All good. At least I am getting things done!

Now first I grabbed this blue linen skirt. I actually despise linen as it is always wrinkled. Always wrinkled. To me- not worth the battle. I would be a hot mess before I even made it to work.

And on top of it it had a fake tie, buttons and pockets. Meh... The tie and buttons came off. As did the top of the pocket. After much thinking on this skirt, I need to cover them up.

Then while cleaning and sorting my craft room, I came across this old piece of  lace that I actually dyed back when I was in Alabama (more than 2 years) that came out an awesome purple color. I just didn't know what I was going to do with it. Ding! Cover up the linen skirt! So I sewed the top of the lace to the top of the skirt. This began to take in the skirt some.

Cut off the bottom of the skirt and made it a little less A-line by sewing inside. The hardest part was tackling the zipper. But I sewed it under at the zipper on each side. Snipped it end of the zipper. Sewed a seam. Squared away the bottom lace because it didn't perfectly line up. Hem the linen. Done!

 Now this is a linen skirt I would wear! 

I actually didn't know how to style this so I just added a white shirt. 

The back which looks horrible in the picture but I promise you doesn't look this bad. What did I do? 

Here's the recap! 

Ahh good to be back, even though I still stink with typing. 


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