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Monday, July 21, 2014

Banana Republic Eyelet lace dress fix, refashion 53

Found this lovely white eyelet dress that was from Banana Republic. It appears that someone DIY'd it as the satin straps were an add on (and sort of cheap).

Upon closer inspection, there was a small stain I could not get out. 

First off came the satin ribbon straps. Already better.  Next I attempted some ombre dyeing. My arms hurt after this. Used RIT dye in dark green (thanks mom for the dye- she got it on sale!). :)

Now we are complete. Easy refashion. What is funny is I did not get green in the end, it was actually blue in color. and it is a slight ombre. Either way it is better than white with a stain on it. :)

Works much better now! Yay!

Friday, July 18, 2014

GF chocolate pie

Trying out the new Pillsbury pie and pastry crust, I finally found it at my grocery store. I have heard decent things about the dough. Let's give it a go! I wanted chocolate pie. Badly.

I followed the recipe on the box. Cut it in half and begin to roll it out. I had also realized this was my first time making a pie. I had no idea what I was doing. But I made it work. I then followed the instructions on how to cook.
Next I made my filling. I used this recipe, which I made my own whipped cream. Yeah! Go me. After that, add and refrigerate!
So the taste was pretty good, I just needed to melt the chocolate a little better. The crust was soggy at first but the next day it was great. I enjoyed being a normal eater again. I would totally use this crust again!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too bright yellow dress refashion, #52

More fun with dyeing. I don't have a picture on but I do have a picture of it while I was prepping the dye bath. I usually create a "holding area" while I either prep the stove or washing machine. Sometimes I use my bathtub... case in point. So it was a fluorescent, bright yellow dress. It fit well. I just bough it on clearance from Urban Outfitters a long time ago. But I never wore it. Probably because of the color.

Dark green dye again with RIT and my washer machine. I have a new dress. I can wear green but not yellow.

See you can see the yellow zipper that did not dye. 

Recap. I didn't know how short it was b/c it had been so long. But I feel quite curvy in it!


Monday, July 14, 2014

white dress quick dye, refashion #51

Another dress that was white and I didn't know what it was. The knit was so thin. Is it a dress, a nightie, a top? Who knows but I realized I didn't like the white.

Another spin in the washer machine, and teal RIT dye. I messed up my soak time so it was only in the wash for a short period of time. It needs to be longer. But what I wound up with was a light color, which I liked.

After thinking on it, I realized this garment would be best served as a sort of  a nightie. Too thin for outside public wear. Changing it to a blouse would be really hard to do a bottom hem, and I don't think I would like it anyways. Keep as it, but at least it isn't stark white!!

Will make a super comfy nightie!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green paisley skirt refashion, S1619 pattern, refashion #50

For this next refashion (hey to 50 refashions BTW!!) I neglected to get a before pic. But it was essentially it was a big o'skirt like this one

But this skirt was a lovely mix of green, blue, purple, and red. I just love paisleys. I opted to use it as a fabric piece and use one of my patterns and make a shirt. I chose this one from Simplicity, S1619
I would have just enough fabric to make the top. Though the binding was not on the bias. All good. I proceeded to sew- I was proud as this was my first V-neck. lol. I pressed it out more.

It also had an odd button loop thing. I don't know if I will keep it or not. But here is my new blouse from a big skirt. Here it is closed....

I can play with the sleeves too with pulling the cords. I should tie them into a bow. 

I like it more opened up. 

You can see the loop where it connects to a button. 

Not bad. This pattern is made for a knit but still worked with this fabric. I also cut a size 8 as I had a gut feeling this top would be big. My gut was right (thank you gut!). This would be great with a knit. Wheels are turning and I will definitely use this pattern again with a knit, I just recently purchased some great knits on major clearance. Some small yardages so this would work fabulously!


And here's to being officially halfway done! :) Happy dance!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Flowered dress to peplum top, #49

This lovely chiffon-ish dress came with its own belt!

I mean it is just full of win!

This dress is really too much. Just too much. Too many flowers for a dress. I actually did like the belt. I decided first that I would do an easy refashion and turn it into a peplum blouse. I just cut below the button after the waistline. Then I did a simple serge. Fold up. Sew down-easy hem. 

And now my peplum top is done! Unfortunately I could not wear the jeans I wanted to wear with this top, either my bright pink or my dark green ones b/c they are skinny jeans and it rubs on my bruise. So I settled with my white ones.

Yeah I was enjoying my smoothie.

With the belt...

the recap!
This makes 49! Which means that I am about halfway done! Yay!!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Send in the clowns refashion #48

I think this dress was meant for a clown's mother. I mean wow..... bright polka dots. Stripes on the side. Gah!

This dress required a complete redo. First I took apart the bodice from the skirt. Actually it was really a simple design and not many pieces for this dress- it was just ugly. Luckily I had a cute little helper who was drawn to this dress. I mean as soon as I pulled her off the dress and grabbed the camera-she was back on it. But you know it isn't a blog post unless you get kitty-bombed.

I decided since it was a simply a big old fabric, I would use one of my patterns. I used this new look pattern. 

But first! I must dye! And it was 100% polyester so iDYE was in the plan. I used steel grey. I also precleaned with a better detergent (from Dharma) that helped me achieve a better and even dye. It already looks better! Then I had to get creative with fabric pattern pieces. 

I followed the pattern. Pretty easy but had a small hangup with the bodice. I decided I was a high and mighty sewer and top stitched the upper edge. Then I got an odd fit and after multiple seam ripping, my solution was to angle the bodice differently- so slanted down. And as I was hemming the bottom, sigh, I had my iron too hot and burned my dress. Really?????!!!!! So I took off a little more from the bottom. No worries this dress works.

Done, now this picture is for pure giggles- you seen I haven't worn heels since my spill but it really helps pictures. And I lost my balance here- no worries I didn't hurt myself anymore.

But the dress is done and super cute. And ready for date night!

Couldn't help myself.... now the only thing clown about this dress is this the nose. 

Send in the clowns!!!! 

Alright no more clowning around, this dress is done! So drastic!

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