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Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Julia cardigan, this time in a fun purple and green knit

I love the Julia cardigan, it is just so fabulous. If you read my blog I have previously made 3 julia cardigans... from the pattern parcel

two for my mom

and the grey stripes knit for me.

I actually gave away my grey one but I wanted one where I could have some fun print like the one I made my mom. I found this purple and green semi-knit (it feels like a knit but barely stretches, this on courtesy of the fabric hoarder I bought her stash years ago). I had to get crafty with placement and I just had enough fabric for this cardigan. There was parts that were missing the ink, holes, and writing on it. But I made it work.

Being too lazy to change my outfit much when I was taking photos, I put it over a tank top that I had on while taking my after photos.
I love the pattern. I am probably going to have to fix the sleeves, I messed up somewhere

But I am a happy girl :)
This cardigan is seriously so much fun! I have already worn it a bunch!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Ann Klein Paisley dress refashion

Refashion time! I know I have not been refashioning like I used to but I have been trying to focus on sewing up my stash of fabric than refashioning. I am managing to get some in here and there. :)

Behold, we had a semi-decently fitting dress. It is Ann Klein with a fun red/pink paisley print. The probably was the length of the dress and the length of the sleeves.
This sleeve length was not meant for my abnormally long arms....

I need to just fix the lengths of everything and be done. Right?? Well I got the sleeves fixed. Then I worked on the hem. My thought was cut it down some, then maybe turn it from a circle to more of an A-line skirt. And this is where the mistake happened....
Hmm. Darn it! I got my numbers mixed up with how many inches I needed to cut off. And I cut off too much.. I tried to save it the best I could. Its more of a peplum top than anything. I did slim down some of the sides. Here is the new top

I mean it has pockets. But you have to watch with the pocket they want to stick out.

It is wearable but not what I wanted to do with it. I really envisioned a shirtdress in the end. But overall this works. Here is the before and after.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Not really a refahsion- striped heart top

I was playing around one day and I had this shirt from Ann Taylor Loft that I thought could use some sprucing up. It is not bad, just plain.

I added some leftover faux suede fabric and made a big heart (b/c I am not creative and could think of anything else). I realized it was too big and would probably not look right in the center of the shirt. I liked the size and decided to off set the heart and place it on its side. Not bad, something different.

Kind of fun and something different. It will probably make me wear this shirt more than I would have without it.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Super big sweatshirt PJ onesie- not joking

Back when the blizzard hit DC, I used the time to make myself something really warm. I mean we had a stretch of really cold days here. And of course it just seems like you can't stay warm. I had gotten a bunch of sweatshirt knit for my bday/christmas, which btw I should not do b/c I bought wayyyy to much! So while I was snowed in I made myself this onesie PJ. I used this old pattern I had (I mean look at the drawings). I sewed with some coral orange sweat shirt fabric. i used pink knit for the collar and the cuffs.

I added feet. This was my first time sewing them. It was fun- I got to use my pink clips.

What I got was this monstrosity! I didn't add the elastic belt. This thing is MASSIVE! 

Definitely had I added the elastic to the waist it could have made my hips look bigger. Nope.

But holy cow it is warm!! It is like I am wearing a blanket. It is NOT pretty or really fashionable but man I am warm.

And I got feet! yeah!

It was an easy sew but it is big and unflattering. I thought about taking it in but really its a PJ. I need ease in order to sleep comfortably in it. It does not stretch so I have what I have. For sleep I don't have to be fashionable in sub zero weather. I probably won't make this pattern again, actually I saw a jalie pattern that might work better and next time I know to use knits. Like a nice thick knit. :)


Monday, March 28, 2016

Men's t-shirt pattern

 I have finally made my boyfriend something. He can never find t-shirts that fit him correctly. And since I have so much fabric (sigh, its a curse and a blessing) in my closet. So I used some to make him some t-shirts. I used the Lisel and Co. mens metro pattern

 You can find the pattern here.
I have made him 2 now one was a tester to see how the sizing was going to work (so had to xxl for him- he is big and broad shouldered).

Finally some after photos!
Here's us at a festival! I was able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather and me not have to work.

The fit of the shirt is spot on.I was really happy with my sewing. I used a twin needle to sew all of the hems. I learned that loosing some of the tension in the needle helps a lot with not having bulging stitches on lightweight knits.
Now he wants more shirts, because he says that he is spoiled since this shirt fits him the best. He wears it everywhere. I can make him a black one since I have black knit left in my closet. But other than that all of my fabric is too girly. I said then I should have a free pass with buying more fabric, you know... to make him more shirts ;)


Monday, March 21, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Dolman with tribal knit

Just a little behind in blogging, life is busy. A good busy but at times a blur. I get some time to sew but really not much. There were no after photos for me to blog so I had a small hiatus on the blog here. Luckily I have several dones now that I am good for a few weeks. I love easy sewing with knits. I got this knit from a Girl Charlie Knit Fix that I had purchased off someone else. I loved the black and blue print fabric.

I decided to sew the pumpkin spice dolman from patterns for pirates.
I love the ease of the top. I opted for without the patches as my long arms never match where they need to go. Also I am a bit lazy
Here is my end product, which BTW I love!
Check out those batwings.
Not a super hi-lo hem, it is subtle.
From the front- fit is great. I will wear a tank top underneath so the fabric is just a tiny bit grabby b/c it is thin.
Paired with my faux leather leggings and some boots- this top is great! I will definitely make again!


Monday, February 29, 2016

Jalie tunic... part fail??? Jury is still out

Happy Leap year! Today I leave you with a mystery. I got this broken heart fabric from the Gurl Charlee group from a Knit Fix. It is super soft and comfy, it has a lot of drape.

I selected Jalie 3254, and went for a tunic pattern.

Jalie 3245 symönster fagert.se

I sewed this up and got this top. Which when I put it on it looks like a PJ. Err. I think b/c the fabric is really stretchy and I think it makes the top sag b/c of that.

Um but it looks like a PJ. As a PJ it can work...

Just playing around, I messed with the length and snapped a photo. Wow that looks great!
The biggest question that I sit and ask myself is what will get the most use? The top? Would I wear the shorter top to work? I don't know. What about as a PJ? I could see me getting a lot of use in the spring without pants. What would get the most use? The verdict is still out. I seriously cannot make up my mind. Like I have a lot of tops. Hmmm.



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