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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Khaki pants fix, #56

Yup so 2 refashions in a row! I know. But Monday was supposed to be iron craft, which I did  not participate in and I literally spent ALL weekend finishing my mystery fabric challenge for Skirt Fixation. My day is Friday, so stay tuned for Friday. Otherwise go and check out the mystery challenge contestants.

So letting my blog's schedule run (ahem and running out! EEk!). Today is just an easy fix. I started off with a nice pair of Boden khaki pants that fit great in the hips and bum but were really baggy and long at the bottom. The picture does not do it justice.

I always need a good pair of pants for work. Especially since I am in set up mode and I'm jumping, lifting, etc. Always need pants! Basically I opened up the hem, cut off seriously 4 inches (there was a lot of fabric you don't see) and then took in starting at the knees. I didn't want a super skinny pair of pants, I just wanted to taper them some. Sorry no pictures, I really have no excuse. LOL Here are my new pants. I actually wore them yesterday to work and they were great b/c I could do everything.
Just a simple straight leg. That is it. Simple work pants. Ahh. Thank goodness.
I can't believe I have done 56 refashions! Holy moly! Happy, but I still have some way to go and some sewing to do. I have several that are in the "almost" stage. I need to get back to my sewing machine but slightly scarred from sewing the mystery fabric. You will see stay tuned for Friday!!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fit to be tied tank top refashion, #55

I decided to try out an idea from a refashion book. I started out with an old dusty rose tank top and a black and white striped fabric.

The inspiration came from this book, custom couture. Another project from this book.

Going to try the "fit to be tied." Good way to use up fabric scraps! I followed the instructions. And then I stopped following instructions. Because they were so wrong. When I first cut the tube, it was way too long. What I would suggest is measure the distance from the arm hole to the bottom of the tank top and then add 6 inches. NOT 16 inches.

Actually this was the worst instructions I could ever read. It made no sense. No sense. And the only diagrams they had was for the bow. Which helped me for nothing.
So I had to cut off the bottom. Here is what I did.
I serged the bottom and top of the tube. 
Then I folded over the top and sewed. I also sewed a gathering stitch. 
Then I put my tank top on the chair and put the seam on a side. 
I sewed the tube on to the tank top.
Created a casing in the bottom, add elastic. 

Next I added a bow. Simply just found a scrap ribbon in my stash. Created a bow. Sew. Cut off excess . 

Done. Obviously I need to wear with another pair of shorts. Red isn't working.
It looks like what was in the book. This could have potential in other projects. 
I don't need to use the book whatsoever. 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Bob's GF Pizza Crust Try

I am always looking for a good pizza crust that is gluten free. Here we go with Bob's Red Mill!

It comes with a bag of yeast you have to prep some prior to making the dough. Then add the remaining ingredients. Then you let it sit and rise some. Now came the hard part- rolling it out. This is probably the ugliest crust I ever made. It had a lot of air pockets. I cooked it and then added ingredients.

Hey it actually looked like a pizza! And the crust was thick! OMG I have not had something like this in a long time! Now for the taste. I will say this it was a bit bland. I felt it needed some more seasoning to it. Or maybe it was my sauce. Hard to say. Even the boyfriend agreed it was pretty good like a regular pizza. It was definitely something we could use as a base.
I would definitely recommend!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pink shorts fix, refashion 54

Today, no dyeing is involved in this refashion. I need more shorts. I have put on some weight after being gluten free for a number of reasons. I am healthy again and I am happy for that. But I need more shorts. Found these actually in the men's section. But actually are ladies shorts from LL Bean. Too big, too mom-ish per se but I just love pink.

First I un-did the hem and cut off the bottom. I was about 3 inches. Poof- gone!
I serged the bottom leg and hemmed them.
Even though I hate high waist shorts, I decided to go with it. I took in the sides after I removed it from the waistband. Sew. The bottom Right corner shows how I fixed the waistband afterwards.

Ladies and gentleman, these shorts are done. Yay! Fits now in the waist. 

Not too long and not too short. 

Nice fit in the bum. 

Done! So I got a new pair of shorts! I wonder how long it will take for me to spill coffee on them....


Monday, July 21, 2014

Banana Republic Eyelet lace dress fix, refashion 53

Found this lovely white eyelet dress that was from Banana Republic. It appears that someone DIY'd it as the satin straps were an add on (and sort of cheap).

Upon closer inspection, there was a small stain I could not get out. 

First off came the satin ribbon straps. Already better.  Next I attempted some ombre dyeing. My arms hurt after this. Used RIT dye in dark green (thanks mom for the dye- she got it on sale!). :)

Now we are complete. Easy refashion. What is funny is I did not get green in the end, it was actually blue in color. and it is a slight ombre. Either way it is better than white with a stain on it. :)

Works much better now! Yay!

Friday, July 18, 2014

GF chocolate pie

Trying out the new Pillsbury pie and pastry crust, I finally found it at my grocery store. I have heard decent things about the dough. Let's give it a go! I wanted chocolate pie. Badly.

I followed the recipe on the box. Cut it in half and begin to roll it out. I had also realized this was my first time making a pie. I had no idea what I was doing. But I made it work. I then followed the instructions on how to cook.
Next I made my filling. I used this recipe, which I made my own whipped cream. Yeah! Go me. After that, add and refrigerate!
So the taste was pretty good, I just needed to melt the chocolate a little better. The crust was soggy at first but the next day it was great. I enjoyed being a normal eater again. I would totally use this crust again!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Too bright yellow dress refashion, #52

More fun with dyeing. I don't have a picture on but I do have a picture of it while I was prepping the dye bath. I usually create a "holding area" while I either prep the stove or washing machine. Sometimes I use my bathtub... case in point. So it was a fluorescent, bright yellow dress. It fit well. I just bough it on clearance from Urban Outfitters a long time ago. But I never wore it. Probably because of the color.

Dark green dye again with RIT and my washer machine. I have a new dress. I can wear green but not yellow.

See you can see the yellow zipper that did not dye. 

Recap. I didn't know how short it was b/c it had been so long. But I feel quite curvy in it!

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