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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Silk DKNY skirt, refashion #29

I found this lovely cream silk skirt from DKNY. But a bit too big.

And it also had a lot of inserts. This was going to be a challenge to alter. 

Basically what I did was
1. I sewed the gussets together- these were sewn in via french seams so this was the easiest way
2. Cut off excess
3. Repeat for layer #2
4. Made an oops- skirt was made shorter. 
5. Finish with my serger to attempt to clean finish
6. Fix waistband.

Done! Paired with a white shirt and a belt. We are good to go!

I feel sort of naked tho, not used to wearing short things anymore. LOL

Recap! Fun skirt to go out with!

(70 refashions to go!)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspired by India- tunic refashion # 28

Well this top I thought was going to fit however, when I put it on- yeah no. Would not go over my chest.

It is pretty nice. I just love the adornments. 

Turns out this was someone else's refashion. And it was taken in. I undid the stitches but alas still not enough room. 

Time to add some fabric to the sides. I cut off the bottom b/c it was too long for my anyways and trying to get it over my hips is a big no. I need to use this material for the sides. 
Ugh the arm holes had bad trim that looked like someone's dog chewed on it some... Had to take that off in order to have decent arm holes.

I had to even out the fabric on the sides b/c they attempted to put in side vents. But it was bad. Then I added a strip of fabric on each side. 

After fixing the sides, I realized the trim in the middle was having issues too and some was fraying, coming up, etc. I found some trim in my stash and decided it sew this over the gold trim. At the ends, I opened up the seams and hide the ends in the seam. Sew closed. Pretty quick and easy. 

Done! We have a shirt that fits! Oh yeah. 

Here it is on!

I tried tucking in, yeah meh. Makes me unbalanced visually. 

Back untucked. 

The before picture got lost. Sigh. So no recap. But At least I got this shirt to work. :) And a little less gold.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh yeah, striped maxi skirt

I am back in town. Tired. Confused on the day and time and trying to get back to reality. I had this blue and green striped knit fabric in my stash forever (came from that lady!) and didn't know what I was going to do with it. Then I realized it was thin, didn't have a lot of stretch and was slightly see through. I also had a lot of this fabric. I couldn't help myself with this easy sew deciding to use up the fabric for a maxi skirt.. Because it really is that easy, especially since I worked out the sizes. I have made this skirt before see my chevron skirt.

Since it was see through- I have a layer underneath the skirt. This was perfect for traveling. It was a bit chilly when I left so this was great to stay warm with the slight chill.

Yup on the phone taking pics. Hey I didn't have a lot of time. As you can see the fabric pulls back, which was odd, but I could live with it.

Paired with a jacket and I was ready to go. Actually when I left I paired the skirt with my pink faux leather jacket. It was super cute!

Ok who is ready to leave for travel. 

Yeah used a lot of this fabric. Which is good. I may try to make an easy top or else I will turn it into boy bibs, which it is hard to always have good fabric for boys. Ok I have a lot to catch up with, meh.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sequin dress to bra top, refashion #27

Next refashion I am slightly ashamed to admit I have. This dress I have had in my closet for an easy 7 years. Yes people you heard it. It got it on clearance back when it was the weddings adventure, meaning when all my family and friends were getting married. And I was constantly traveling and in need of dresses.

NEVER wore it! For some reason when I put it on it was sort of bleh. It just didn't work for my body. I think it was the high waist with the bodice. Yes the tag was still on ... BTW it was actually even less, the red writing  says $88 but it was $53 but then I got another 40% off. When I had gone to the cashier the dress at the store was slightly less than $20. Not bad for a dress originally $180! So yeah I was always a bargain shopper. 

Seeing the fact I have never worn it in over 7 years and the fact that closet real estate is at its premium here in the city, I decided that either I refashion it or it has to go. That's when it hit me one night on pinterest looking at clothing, which I do almost every night to get refashion and sewing inspiration. I kept seeing all those low arm hole and backless tops and I think I am too old to not wear a bra but I really like some of these tops, I need some sort of under-top before I wear some of these tops. And my sequin dress aha moment arrived- turn the top into an under top for some of these cute shirts! DING!

First I VERY CAREFULLY unpicked the hem with my seam ripper the top from the bottom of the dress. Also pulled the zipper off too.
Took off the tag.
Then I used black lightweight fusible interfacing to stabilize my new band. I delicately ironed it on.

I pinned the bands together and sewed across. Now its time to convert it to a bra with some bra hooks. FYI finding bra hooks when I first started this project was impossible. I wanted to have a black hook/eye bra kit on the back but it was impossible to find in ANY store here. They had white. They had bra extenders but neither of these items was going to help me. I wanted black. Sigh. I searched and searched the internet and on the verge of giving up I stumbled upon Sewing and craft Club, a store that was based in the US (b/c the other items I found where UK or Australia). They had white, black, and nude in multiple sizes. I bought all 3 colors in all their sizes. Oh yeah. I am not dealing with this again. Plus I didn't know the size I needed for this project. The 1.5 inch bra repair kit (that is what they call it in order to get both sides for a bra). I then attached it to my new top. FYI check before you sew! I had my hooks completely backwards. It was my weekend brain puzzle-putting hooks and eyes on a bra top. LOL. Done!

Unfortunately since it has been really cold here, any sort of summer tops I would wear this with are still packed away. And I am an not taking a pic on as is... So right now you will get a hanger

The back. It has a slight, smidge stretch. But I also have 3 eye sets to adjust. I will still wear something underneath. for a just in case 

Overall I am super happy with this refashion and now finally this dress will get some use.
I have saved the skirt and I am hoping to turn it into something. I am thinking a drapey top. Which I then might be able to wear with this top, which would be super awesome! Let's see. :)


Monday, April 7, 2014

The Oklahoma Church dress refashion, #26

When I got this dress on my tiny break, thrifting with my mom. When I got home, of course the first thing I do is try all my goodies on. When I put on this dress the only terms that come to mind was Oklahoma Church dress. No idea why. And yes the cat had to make his appearance.

However, what is not appropriate for church is the buttons only go so far. Um No! Not wearing this to church!

Now the iron craft challenge is trend: nautical, floral, radiant orchid, or geometric. This one hits 2 of these categories- floral and radiant orchid!! Yeah. So we had a bunch of buttons (24 after I removed them), some loops with a tie in the back, and no zippers. I removed the buttons and the ties. I decided to turn the dress backwards to wear and use the old button placket for me to put in a zipper. I also pulled open the seams and removed the loops- closed it back up. And added some bust darts. Then we dyed it with RIT dye Violet.
Um not what I expected with color but I like it. And it is radiant orchid. I also created a new neckline. Cut the dress in half- removed the middle section and then reattached the middle section. Add zipper. Finish all edges with bias tape. Done! And I finished it in time! (I'm out of town). Hurried up and took some end shots....

Added a belt to mix it up. :) 

All I need is a good iron but no time!

Yeah this picture the zipper is crooked... no idea why. It is not. Being in a hurry isn't always the best. 

Recap, the before and after. :) Much better!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jean Skirt Quick fix... Refashion #25

OK this is a quickie sort of refashion that will lead to something else, I promise. But here is the base skirt... a denim skirt with weird ties on the side.

Pulled those things off, will save for later. Don't get me wrong. I wrestled with my seam ripper and it took some time to remove them. Sew the gaps down. Done.

Simple. Now I can wear this skirt with out weird bulky things at my waist! 


(And I am officially 1/4 done!!) Yay! :) 74 left to go!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Sewing plans..

Now I am won't get a lot of sewing time in April. I have several things going on, going out of town, some other events going on, etc. So sewing won't happen until towards the end of the month.

My only sewing plan is to make a simple one shoulder maxi dress with a not so simple print.
Yeah I have lovely multi color "animal print like" material. It is a lot to handle but if I make a maxi dress it should work for the best. :) Probably going to have to work a bunch on the sewing machine. I took a bit of a break. I am still also working on that polka dot top. It is almost done, it is my first button down top and I am going slow....

Also BTW happy birthday to our little baby, Natasha. You know her as my mischievous little grey side kick. But she is just sooo cute. And yes born on April fools. So you know she is just too funny.

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