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Friday, August 22, 2014

Funky Maxi dress part 2, #61

Part 2! Remember that maxi dress??

Well I used the bottom and convert it to a skirt. The serged top edge was folded down and sewn to create a casing. Add elastic. Close casing. Done. 

Yay new skirt! 

Here is the recap! Got to love 2 from 1! This dress will now be worn as a shorter dress and skirt! Yay!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Funky maxi dress part 1, #60

There is a good reason why I don't buy a lot of maxis and prefer to make them myself. They are never long enough for me.

Now technically there was not too much wrong with this dress until I tried to walk.....
There was not enough walking ease with this dress and my long legs. Also my hair fell out of the ponytail holder, also adding to this dress. 

Initially the plan was to add a slit and call it a night. That didn't work well and I didn't like it, which translates to me never wearing it. Plan b! Cut into a shorter dress! I serged the edge and hem.

Done. It is short and easy. This will be great weekend dress, if I just feel like hanging out.

Recap! Now the question is what did I do with the rest of the fabric?? Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Purple midi dress to fringe fun, #59

I had this purple dress forever, my inital plan was to use it for part of a costume,  But that never happened. so  now what?
It is awkward short with a bad side slit. 

First, I cut off the bottom and decided to make a top out of it. It is not cute enough to be a dress. I could work with a top. The next thing I thought about was, I wanted something less boring. Fringe! Oh! That would be cool. I used the bottom part of the dress and cut strips up to the hem (hey instant seam and stability) every 1 inch. Easy enough.

Then I followed the neckline from the shoulder seam to the opposite shoulder seam. Sew down. Cut. Still had plenty of excess so I kept going. I had 3 rows of fringe.
Yeah it got kind of crazy with sewing at the end. Strips of fabric everywhere!!! Here it is done!

This shirt is soo much fun. Just want to twirl in it!

Hey recognize those shorts? :)

So happy with the final outcome, it is so much fun! 

Here is the recap!
I will wear this until it gets cooler. It is just so much fun! Yay! I am so happy to be over halfway done with my 99 challenge too! Whew! Tired!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Massive jeans, #58, vogue 8993

Well I had the epic polo now I have a massive jeans refashion. Check out these jeans!

Now I am actually in these jeans you just can't tell. It almost looks like I am putting them in front of me. As I stared down at the jeans I thought.... Hmm I think I can get my body in one leg. So I tried it out!
OMG I could! I could not stop laughing!! Holy Cow!

I decided to use a pattern. Use the top half of pants for a skirt and then use the bottom half for the bodice. First cut in half. Sew out that J front and back of the legs/bum area.

Bodice in the works... I screwed up on one part but you can't tell unless you look really closely at the finished garment. Half of the time I can't find it.

I used Vogue 8993, pretty easy pattern.

The skirt took a bit more handling, go figure. then I connected and added a zipper
Now before I finished the dress, I had other things going on (story of my life) and I let it hang b/c something was off.

I had left the waistband on the bottom of the skirt. But I realized I hated it. So off it went...

As you can see, the skirt sort of has a point to it but I kept it as is. I sort of liked the different feeling I got with the dress. 

My only beef with this pattern is I felt as if the arm holes were a bit low.

So in case you don't realize that these are jeans, the zipper is the slit and you can see the small pockets.

Here is the recap.... big jeans to a dress. Yes... only a little bit of time left before the cold comes.


Monday, August 18, 2014

pink bow top done!

August's sewing project is done! Here is my McCall's 6928 bow top. I cut an X-small This pattern runs big! Big!

I am really happy I did- no sewing regrets! It did get a little droopy by the end of the workday but nothing bad. I got a bunch of compliments! I can't hide though! The only things I did different was I cut the excess seam fabric from the binding of the neck and armholes. It was just too thick- pattern doesn't call for that. And I also attached the bow at the very end of the pattern and also to the binding in order to not rip a hole in the thin knit.

I love bows! This pattern is a win!! So I know I am behind on blogging. I am trying to catch up but work has been beyond busy. And I have not wanted to take pictures. I got myself to take a bunch with messed up neck and everything. I gave up on trying to be done up. You got me in glasses with a comb ran through my hair. Hey this isn't a style blog, this is a sewing blog. ;) More posts on their way.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another pancake mix try

This one was for the win!! Cherrybrook Kitchen and it was on sale at target. Can't beat a sale. :)

Now this is both a waffle and a pancake mix. Easy to mix and easy to bake. How beautiful is this pancake??
Now for taste- it was yummy. I felt redeemed that I could make pancakes. Ahhh thank you. Thank you pancake mix. I will say that the batter is a bit sweet but realizing it is also for waffles that makes sense. This is not something you want to eat a lot of if you are not into a sweet tooth. Also, I am guessing that this is not something healthy with all the sugars, though one can argue that most gluten free mixes are not really healthy. I consider this more of a treat than a regular basis for consuming. But still pretty good! BTW they freeze OK, I would recommend letting them thaw fully before reheating. Don't put them directly into the microwave. It reheats from frozen a little bit odd. Hope you enjoyed this review as I enjoyed these pancakes!


Friday, August 15, 2014

GF pancake try and FAIL

Thought I would try another GF pancake mix.
Good old Bob's Red Mill. I tried this out and I will say this..... I have been making pancakes since I could hold a spoon with my mom. I could not get the pancakes to cook right. I mean just a mess. I was baffled. This has never happened to me before.

Never again, don't buy. Stay tuned for tomorrow for a redemption.

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