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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to embroider the baseball bib

Previously I posted my baseball bib I embroidered myself

I thought I would do another post here that would break down the sewing and a little tutorial. :)

So I started with one end, knot the string at the end, start just away from the edge. You do not want to start right AT the edge-you run the risk of the stitch is coming out.

Then bring the needle down at the edge

Now to start the "baseball stitch" I am going to show you 2 versions. They all start the same...

Anchor with the needle coming down right at the Y

Done with our first baseball stitch!

Ok on to the next stitch. Try to make the straight stitch-about the same length of the previous one. Start away from the group and go to your previous stitches

Repeat the 1-2-3


Keep going. Now to keep them even. I try to keep the inner stitch the same length. For the outer stitches, you want to keep a V sort of appearance. You want to keep the curve going too. You want to try and keep the distance similar.

Now all what I have done so far has a bit of a flower stem appearance. Which is fine but there is a way to alter this to get rid of the "stem" appearance. 

Here is the next version you can sort of see the difference.

So it has a different appearance. Just a bit less stitches. 

Here is what the back on my bib looks like. 

Keep going to the end! Knot and secure the thread.

Time for other side. I started at the opposite end so the stitches will go the opposite way. Which will help you with not having to match the stitches. Which would drive you (me) nuts. Repeat just like you did on the other end. 

It is not hard. The first stitches are hard but once you get your flow it will fly by! :)

Of course here is the finished product

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! :)



Sonja said...

That is just too cute!!

Lovely Light said...

You make it look easy...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a lifesaver, I just crocheted a round white baby blanket and wanted to make it look like a baseball but could not get it, then found this site and I have to say I redid it 7 times, then stopped went to bed and laid there I could see your explantion and it hit me, got up in the morning and started right off in p.j.'s and got it I finished the first side, now I have to match it up. Thanks so much. Joan


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