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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Off-white Ruffle Skirt, Refashion 19

Found this lovely White House/Black Market skirt one day but it was just a tad too long.

But it is just too long and an odd length of me. And it isn't a petite either. Just odd to me and not so much of white house/black market's style

I cut off the top portion of the skirt. And now it is gone.... POOF! Same with the bottom ruffle which was stained (sorry lost the picture!)

I serged the top of the skirt so it won't fray. I don't have a lot of fabric to work with and I need to make a waistband without going into the next ruffle set.

Then folded it down. Sew. But of course leave a gap for elastic! Then finish the casing closed after I got the elastic to fit! Easy!

I paired it a belt, boots, and a plaid shirt and I LOVE my ruffle skirt!

Recap. Though it is a little less of White house/Black market's style. I really love this skirt now! It is so much fun!



Nakisha said...

Oh I really like this one! I have absolutely no vision to see a garment I don't like and turn it into one I do. Nice work!

Alicia King said...

very cute!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! I love this skirt a lot! This took a while to get my vision. Don't feel bad. Usually I have to put it on and look at it in the mirror. And it changes during the course of sewing it.


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