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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Striped tent dress refashion #44

There are not a lot of words to describe this dress. TENT. A BIG STRIPED TENT.

It was huge! 

Wow. So um.... Yeah.... Lots to tailor. First I cut the dress in half at the seam line. I fitted the top and tossed the sleeves. I sewed the skirt buttons and button holes out. I had to even out the bodice. I also had to pull fabric out of the middle of the back too. 

Unfortunately, my camera decided to run off- probably with my seam ripper. I think there is a conspiracy between the 2 of them. So no pics.
Here is what I did: added elastic to the top of the skirt and then attached it to the bodice. Took some length off the skirt. And then finished the arm holes with some good old white bias tape. Done! 

Easy Dress. Here it is with out the belt. 

Dramatic no?

With the belt from previously. 

Work worthy and lovely. I am glad I didn't mess with the collar. That would have been a horrible headache. 

Recap! No longer a tent! Yeah! And the boyfriend gave me compliments too. Before it was even finished, which took me by surprised. 



Sonja Sheffield said...

Very cute. Made my morning. :-)

Lovely Light said...

You made it look really cute and stylish.


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