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Sunday, September 21, 2014

quinoa fail

I am  a little bit of catch up because well I sliced part of thumb off and I'm in salvage mode. Its rough. I can't do much and I have to take it easy, Its a boring story but it stems from cooking. Not this recipe but something else.
In lieu of my fail, here is a quinoa fail. LOL At least I can type some..
This recipe is from the Deliciously G- Free, the quinoa salad. I wont even go through the recipe b/c it was awful. It had mint in it which in the end the entire salad tasted like toothpaste. So we called it the toothpaste salad and threw it away. Neither of us could stomach it.

Blah! Happy Sunday, 1 more day to see if my finger makes it. Nervous....


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