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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The ruffled sweater, refashion 68

This sweater when I picked it up made me scratch my head. Actually, I was with 2 others and they thought- why? So this is the WHY? sweater!
It is not a kids sweater obviously b/c it is not tight. Actually it has soft bra cups inside. But why would you add this ruffle to the bottom. Bc what happens when you put this sweater on is this...
Bum ruffles!!! After inspecting the sewing it turns out the ruffle is sewn on the bottom of the sweater with some red thread elastic. With some precise unpicking the sewing I was able to pull off the ruffle. Very slowly. LOL.

Recap. Easy fix! Love this sweater!


1 comment:

mollie.dirig said...

I wonder if the ruffle was added to give the previous owner a bit more length.. If it was added by the manufacturer, I would have to agree with you, what the..?


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