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Friday, September 26, 2014

Sauteed Shishito Peppers

In my garden I am growing shishito peppers, whcih are Japanese pappers which translate to lion peppers. Because how they grow, they look like little lion manes while they are growing. They are not big peppers, 3-4 inches long. I had to figure out what to do with them. They are thin walled peppers. After some searching, it seems as if the overwhelming recipe I found was to sautee them up.

So we threw some olive oil in a pan, medium heat, poke holes in them b.c as they heat they will pop and spray hot oil, then cook for a few minutes each side. If you cook a little longer then a quick on and off you will bring out the sweetness and reduce the heat/spiciness. Toss in sea salt. Done. Grab the stem and eat!

OMG they are great. It is a staple for our gameday cooking. They are addictive. Just like someone said online. They were not joking. Fact: 1 out of 10 shishitos are spicy. It is random. Have some milk nearby if you grab that one.

We love them so much that next year our garden will have more of these peppers. Like as many of these babies we can grow we will have an entire garden of them. You can't buy them anywhere. If you can I highly recommend!!!


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