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Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue flowered shirt, refashion 67

Yup another button down shirt here we come! Welcome to my serious face. LOL It has taken me a long time to get inspired to fix this top. But I am glad I did!
Love the fabric but it needs some tweaking: collar doesn't button, too big, and bad sleeves.

I redid the neckline after removing the collar. I finished with bias tape. I made a casing and adding elastic helped to cinch the sleeves. Then I fitted it in the bust. :) Done!

Because it isn't a blog of a sewer unless there is a picture of a cat. Here my cat came up and began to talk and photo bomb me

So I picked him up, he just loves attention. 

Recap!!! Fits nicely! Yay!!!
The blog is getting back together slightly. I had a little bit of time to do some sewing. Yay! My time during the week is incredibly hectic! Got to love the weekends.



Liochka said...

lovely ! nice job.

T. Sedai said...

Cute! This might be one of my favorite re-fashions that you've done so far. It looks like it will be super versatile too.


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