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Monday, March 21, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Dolman with tribal knit

Just a little behind in blogging, life is busy. A good busy but at times a blur. I get some time to sew but really not much. There were no after photos for me to blog so I had a small hiatus on the blog here. Luckily I have several dones now that I am good for a few weeks. I love easy sewing with knits. I got this knit from a Girl Charlie Knit Fix that I had purchased off someone else. I loved the black and blue print fabric.

I decided to sew the pumpkin spice dolman from patterns for pirates.
I love the ease of the top. I opted for without the patches as my long arms never match where they need to go. Also I am a bit lazy
Here is my end product, which BTW I love!
Check out those batwings.
Not a super hi-lo hem, it is subtle.
From the front- fit is great. I will wear a tank top underneath so the fabric is just a tiny bit grabby b/c it is thin.
Paired with my faux leather leggings and some boots- this top is great! I will definitely make again!


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