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Friday, April 18, 2014

Industrial Strength Workout DVD Review

Well no food review for this Friday. I am still catching up from being out of town. I had a bit of a wake up call while getting ready for the meeting and trying on my suits. It wasn't pretty.  I had to improvise. Time for this mathlete to start putting a little more effort into exercising.

Thought I would try this DVD that has just been sitting on my shelf. It looked fierce and promising.
So there was a long, wordy introduction. I began to get bored and was ready to start a sweat. Still more talking. No there was no technique or real dancing or drilling. Then when we started to do a workout, they were short clips and then back to longer talking. I wish I could forward through the talking parts but that didn't happen. At times I felt that it was a tossup between the talking and the workout. I felt like I never got a sweat.

It just was not enough sustained cardio to get you going and then poof you stop, more talking. I just became bored and was agitated I lost so much of my spare time.

Verdict: The video HAD potential but they sold themselves short. Either pick being a workout DVD or a dance DVD with technique. It is one of those DVDs where the content could not make up its mind on what it wanted to be. As a result it just fell flat for me, I did do laundry and printed sewing patterns to not loose anymore time.  I will TOSS. Not only would it waste my shelf space, it wastes part of my evening.

Hopefully the next few DVDs I have planned will be a little bit more calorie burning.


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