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Monday, June 30, 2014

4XL men's polo refashion to dress, #47

OMG how big is this polo shirt?? I am wearing shorts under this shirt!!! For real!
Ok I just have to pop the collar, I can't help myself...
I'd call this an epic men's polo refashion. Now what should I do with it? This iron craft challenge, I am back! The theme is stars and stripes. I thought this would be great for stripes! And it is semi-patriotic.

Since it was so big and huge, my goal was to turn it into a dress. Now to make it happen.... And I had a hole too... :(

First we need to deconstruct this shirt. I cut right below the arm holes- this will become a skirt. I removed the collar too. Off cam the sleeves, which I opened up and removed the arm binding.

Dang still a lot of stripes. I attempted the bodice next. I really liked how the sleeve curved and thought it would make a cute bodice, I mean 1 sleeve was an easy half of the top. So I evened it out. I attached to the back, which was just another piece of material with a straight across. I serged the top to avoid fraying, and then ironed under to create a casing. More on that later.

Time to fix up this skirt! I sewed out the hole. Serged to prevent fraying. I actually did a mirror "sewing out a hole" just so the skirt would look balanced. I did several pintuck both on front and back. Attach to the bodice!

Time to start finishing up. I added elastic to the top of the dress. I also added elastic to the back part of the skirt to get a better fit.
Now we are not done yet! With the elastic in the top of the dress, you lost the curve that I really liked. I cut off the widest blue stripe and made a tube. I used my tube turner I just purchased and OMG my life is changed forever- quickest way ever to turn a tubing right side out!!! Yay! Then I sewed my new tube to the top of the bodice to give a slight point back to the curve.
I just wore my dress out this weekend to a festival and it was nice for the heat. Here is my finished dress.

It was super comfy! Here is the recap! I plan on turning the rest of the fabric into bibs for boys. There is that much left of this polo! Crazy!

Lauren (almost half way done!!!)


kat said...

wow, that thing was giant! Great reuse.

Kathy W. - One Brown Mom said...

Love, Love, LOVE it! I'm totally stealing this idea!


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