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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Snowflake long sleeve top McCall's pattern 6796

This was a really easy pattern to sew. Since it is sooo cold out I am trying to focus more of things I could wear right now in these frigid temperatures. Time for more of that snowflake knit fabric.

I used this easy McCall's pattern 6796. 
The fit is pretty well, the arms are not tight but it doesn't look like they are supposed to-I am fine with that. Super easy to sew except for that cowl. I got confused on how to add it. Messed me up pretty bad. I actually did it my way as I was afraid that  the seam would show. I added my own buttons- 2 instead of 3. This top was so busy as it was with the pattern- these were just a small little hint of sparkle as they are rhinestones covered in a thin mesh fabric. The length is great for myself.

If you might remember I used this fabric for my leggings project. I now have a dress in the works with this fabric and I should be sending it to the scrap bin. I have a few charity project ideas for this fabric. I mean how cute would this fabric be for a pair of baby shoes? Christmas ornaments? Still thinking. Baby steps. Let's make some clothes first and then deal with the smaller stuff. :0)



Sew Oklahoma Savvy said...

Love it.

Annie said...

Fabulous! Love when you finish something and that sense of accomplishment.

Magda E. said...

It looks great on you. I think cute baby shoes! =D

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love it.

Dorothy DotDot said...

Cute! I'm attracted to this pattern.

La La Lauren!!! said...

:) thank you. Really easy pattern. Can be knocked out in an afternoon. Almost done with a dress with this fabric too!


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