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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The bright yellow shorts-fail

I never blogged about these shorts but thought it would be a good time to do so. I had this bright yellow fabric I opted to try to make a pair of shorts. Used this bright yellow thread- hey it worked.

I used a pattern. But at the end I realized they were too tight. I added a strip of fabric at the sides and extended the waistband.

And I made them too big.

I wasn't too excited about them. And on one leg the fabric got wavy.


They do look ok from the sides. From the sides...

I never wound up keeping this shorts. I gave them away. I was sort of scarred from the entire ordeal and I didn't want to see them again. I really want to make a nice pair of shorts this year. I seem to fail with them Sigh. Let's see what happens.


1 comment:

sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

Oh dear - what a pity, because they sort of look cute on you. Make something nice now while you are licking your wounds :)


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