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Monday, June 7, 2010

Assuit belt and bras done!

Ahhhhh finally getting to post the costumes we have been working so hard on! Here is the costumes complete.... The assuit belts are done, the bras are also covered with assuit and have D rings in the back. the harem pants also made by us. The 10 yrd cotton skirts are also done by yours truly. After making those skirts, I am never hand gathering again! I am buying a foot for my machine and serger! NEVER AGAIN! we also made the silver over skirts but you can't see them. It was really hot out and we tucked a lot of our skirts in order to not be so hot. Everyone draped their own chain on their bras and we also attached the kuchi charms to the center. Everything I have on (Last on the left) I have sewn myself! Even my headband!

I actually took pictures while i was sewing the last assuit belt so i'll have a bit of tutorial to post with it. Ive posted enough tonight so I'll save that for another night. Plus my cat and my boyfriend are snoring here in bed! :)


Fanboy Wife said...

The costumes are lovely.

One thing that works for me for gathering tiered skirts is to set my machine on the longest stitch and the tightest tension. Tie the two threads together first, and then sew. It will automatically gather the fabric. It will take some adjusting to get it to the right length, but it saves me about 2-3 hours when I make 25-yard skirts.

La La Lauren!!! said...

thanks! actually i got a ruffler foot for my serger and i'm in business now! :)


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