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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Bozenka

Happy Shimmy Saturday! I am so sad to be writing the DVD review. Since they were both so bad I combined them together. I am so disappointed in this, I spent decent money on something that was so paltry. I will say this I DO NOT RECOMMEND. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Bozenka I expected more from you and as a former performer in the industry I can't believe you would put your name on this. Shame on you. Each DVD claimed that it was a choreography instruction. I had met Bonzenka and took workshops from her and I was eager to learn more from her. Sadly I was bitterly disappointed.

After spending over $30 on each DVD thsi is what I received in the mail. 2 DVDs in cases, no cover not artwork, nothing what I thought I was going to receive from the website. I did not get this. Then I got a CD written in sharpie with the 2 songs. Really? Really?

Even worse when I put the DVD into the player this is what I had. No talking. Just Bozenka dancing in her studio. She dances each 3X. No words no instruction, no explanation of the steps or moves. 
After that there is nothing else. Just dances it 3X. I am sorry, but if I am going to spend my hard earned money I am going to expect some level of professionalism. Some breakdown of moves. Do not bill your DVD as instructional when you DON'T EXPLAIN A SINGLE MOVE. DANCING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR IS NOT INSTRUCTIONAL. I can get the exact same experience watching your performance on youtube or another DVD and break down what you do and I can do it for free.

Such a shame b/c she is such a gorgeous dancers and I would love to have instruction and breakdown. She really has some great stuff. I feel slighted. I will never buy anything from her again. Never. Not worth the money. Do not do it, just watch a youtube video. you will have the same experience.

And that is all I have to say!

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