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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Men's polo shirt Refashion #1

Calvin gave me 2 of his too small (and as he put it well no its not, it is really too thick. sure honey tell yourself that) to go and refashion. I did not have many ideas yet with what I could do so I browsed the internet and I stumbled upon this lovely website!

OMG I love what she did with the men's shirt so I set off to copy it. My shirt was smaller than hers (I only have a large), so I thought it may be easier (wrong!). LOL

First I cut off that collar. No one wants it. Instantly the shirt began to look more feminine. I also knew I wanted to make this like a v-neck, folded the inside parts out and pinned in place.

Then I cut 8 inches from the bottom. --- this was my fail step. I should have cut less b/c it is slightly too short. Oh well!

I made a tube for the neckline to create the bow. I cut 3.5 inches of the fabric that I cut off from the bottom and cut away. I had just enough or else I would have had to seam rip the shirt bottom. I wanted to avoid doing that.

After sewing up my tube (just like I have been in the previous posts!), I found the center of the tube and the center neckline back. I sewed it down with my sewing machine. While on my body I actually pinned the tube to the top of the shirt. Since I did not want the stitches to show, I whip stitched the inner portion of the tube to the inside of the shirt. Now my tie won't move and look weird!

Then I also took in the shirt and the sleeves. I left both the bottom and the sleeves raw. I may change my mind on the sleeves but the bottom, since it is short, I will only be wearing tucked in with high-waisted bottoms. No use cleaning up that no one will see. :)

The end (yes I wore it to work!!)... with a high waisted black pencil skirt. Doesn't even look like a men's polo right??? :) Yay!



Emily said...

I just did one of these inspired from grey luster girl also! Looks great!

BluBabesCreate said...

Oh wow! Love it! A more feminine version of the mens polo shirt! Love it!

Madeleine Macy said...

You can also do it to polo shirts for men and sweatshirts that also have a tendency to shrink in the sleeves. We usually add lycra cuffs that have the sewn slit for the thumb.Very trendy for middle and high school kids.


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