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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mummy shirt redo, refashion #1

I found this cool shirt, which I called a mummy shirt the way it looks like it is wrapped. Not a bad fit.

The problem was there was a small stain I could not get out. 

I decided it needed to be dyed. This was a nylon blend so the best way I could dye this was with my Acid Dye in Honey Mustard. I made a dye bath and away we went. OMG it turned out great!

Here it is on! A better fix and you can't see the stain anymore. It blends in. Now I normally can't wear yellow but this is a gold, paired with my navy blue skirt- it is a great color combo!

Love my first refashion. Good bye stains! 1 down 98 to go!!!! :) It is going to be long year.



Magda E. said...

easy and perfect solution.

Dorothy DotDot said...

Nice idea!

Eddie said...

I always love a bit of dyeing myself. It looks great Lauren. You are certainly going to be busy in 2014 with all those refashions :-)
xx Eddie


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