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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Refashions and sewing on its way

Hi everyone! Now I mentioned it in a previous post, but almost 3 weeks ago I sliced the corner portion of my thumb (yes it still gives me chills saying it!) while cutting apples to make apple chips. Sigh. Recovery has been slow but I have gone done a positive recovery path. Which is fabulous but it will be long. I have had to learn how to adapt. My boyfriend helps me get ready in the morning still. One day I will be able to wear earrings that I can put on myself. Overall now my pain is low until I try to use it and then we hurt and still it is not the normal way to do things I have new hand stresses that just exhaust me and cause pain. Fun!

I have not been sewing. Until the past weekend. I am slow but I am managing. Prior to the accident I actually had just finished 3 refashions but did not take any photos. I was able to finish a few so they are on the way! I was too tired to take photos this weekend- bravo fall weather for making me just want to cuddle with my family and watch TV!

But here is a teaser of some of the clothing I refashioned (or about done!).


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