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Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden fit for a diva day 5:Mod podge glitter planters #2

Last day of my garden fit for a diva!!! Today I am messing with covering regular plastic pots with modge podge and glitter. I didn't know if it could be done or not but let me tell you-yes it can!

So basically I took my plastic garden pot, added a nice thick layer of outdoor modge podge and covered with glitter. Let dry. Repeat. Dry. Add a final layer of modge podge but no glitter.

Spray with clear acrylic gloss. Done. I transplanted my squash sprouts into this and wow, just WOW my squash literally in a short period of time has blown up!

This is sparkly and looks great in the sun. The only issue I have had and you can see in the first picture that where the water hits on the bottom edge things are beginning to peel off. I need a stand or something to put underneath so the paint glitter doesn't just stand in the water for long periods of time.

When I first started my garden and some of the pictures that you have seen was in the beginning here is an update. Things are growing like crazy

And if you don't know many of these things are grown straight from seed (not the cacti tho) how awesome is that!!

I am looking forward to where my garden will grow and sparkle at the same time. If not my dirt will look good... :)


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