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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review of 2010 resolutions....

What to do again just like the crafts post i'll do the same with the general post....

So my new years resolutions this year is to ....
1. reduce my fabric collection by 50%. this mean make those costumes for bellydance for me and baklava LMAO um i actually made my fabric collection bigger. what was i thinking.... eek!
2. reduce my craft projects by 50%. this includes the christmas felt projects, the cross stitches, and the pumpkin sewing projects. all which if i focus i can crank out fast! well i actually did i'm giving myself this one. i also added to the craft projects so if you put them together. the answer is YES
3. stop looking like a slob when i get out of bed and go to work! yes i had to i work in a glass jar!
4. finish my glass dance beep the answer is NOPE.
5. reduce my debt to 50% of its current status. (very feasible) i sort of did. ive done really well lately!
6. sew each of the following: sweater, dress, skirt, shirt, and a jacket. they have to be non-bellydance related! doh no
7. volunteer a little more this year! um i did volunteer at RMH with the girls this year. i helped out with a couple of events. i don't know how to score this?
8. stop getting sick! actually i did. ever since i left COM i haven't had a head cold or bronchitis for a long time. ive been pretty healthy!
9. Run at least 5 5Ks! (this will have to wait about 2 months) FAIL
10. Finish using up everything I have!... I started this resolution last year and was very successful. I never realized how many hair care products, body lotions, face treatments, masks, perfumes, etc i have and that I have stock piled. I made the resolution to not buy any lotion or soap, etc last year and i can say i am still not done with everything! And now i'm back stocked up again from the holidays with my family! let's see how long i last! :) YES i got rid of a ton of makeup, lotions, shampoos, perfume, etc. i may have to go and buy bodywash now! i'm on my last bottle! wahoo!

RESULTS: 6 OUR OF 10!! that is 60% so more than half! With that I can say this year was a success! (for the general resolutions list-i can't say much for the crafts list!)

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