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Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 New Years Goal

Could you give up conventional clothing shopping for an entire year?? Could you only make your own clothes? Could you refashion items from goodwill or ones from your closet?

Think about it..... could you actually do that? For an entire year??? Did you know that clothing is one of the biggest things filling up our landfills? (I had no idea)

I know many people are not as crafty or into sewing like me, but I thought I would take this challenge. There is a growing trend of people out there on the world wide web turning hideous clothing into wearable, cute outfits. Many of which offer tutorials on how to do it! And another plus is its greener for the environment-you are recycling clothes!

As many of you know I LOVE CLOTHES. I think its actually an understatement. I am also a collector of clothes. I have a wooden brace for my closet so i don't tear a hole in the wall of my apt b/c the bar sags. So yes I have a lot of clothes....I love being able to walk into my closet (s) and put together a different outfit all the time. Fortunately my weight doesn't fluctuate much so I also usually keep clothing for a long time. However, I do get these streaks in me where I go on shopping sprees (though its never full price) and i do love my shopping. and it just adds to my collection..... Now i have tried to debulk my collection and cut down on my shopping a lot for the past few months. My credit card has been happier and I'm working on paying those puppies off ..... But I find myself occasionally bored with the same items in my closet.... and want something new. In this vicious cycle, I get tempted to buy newer items but I need to stop this.

And I do have lots of fabric in my stores. I could make a couch out of all the fabric i have all folded up and in storage. easily. I bought a stash of fabric (for almost like 10 cents a yard) off another crafter looking to move. I did not realize what all I was getting into and I need to use up this fabric. I initially bought it b/c i wanted to learn how to sew better and I would not feel bad if i completely ruined something sewing it and then tossed it. But i have not gotten around to using it much. I blame Lisa's wedding and beading those cranberry sets.

Thus bringing me to where I am now. I want new items but shouldn't be spending money on my closet (i do want a new car within next year or so, a house would be cool, same with zero balance on my visa). But I am really creative and crafty and into sewing, painting, and bedazzling so why couldn't I take the challenge? Why not let my creativity run wild?? So for the year of 2011, I am going to take the challenge of not going to the mall and buying new clothes (thus the term conventional shopping) I am either going to refashion an item from my own closet, an item from goodwill, or sew something with the fabric i have in my apt.

Let's see if i can do it for an entire year. I even think 6 months would be impressive. :)

If you are curious as to what others (and those people who have heavily inspired me) check out these websites.

some of these befores will make you cringe!

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