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Friday, September 2, 2011

Robe/Dance Coverup

I have always wanted a robe to coverup at dance events but some of these robes are quite pricey. In my fabric stash, I had this pink swirly fabric that was a knit-like material that I had alot of (like 5 pounds!!!). I decided to use this since I need a lot of fabric to make a robe.

I chose Simplicity's unisex hooded robe pattern (with capelet). FYI this robe pattern is NOT graded. It is a one size fits all and the only sizing you have is for a belt. I wished this could have been a bit smaller and not so huge.

Here is me cutting the fabric. This took me quite a while and I was fitting cats who wanted to sit and play on the fabric. Not to mention a bum knee I can't bend deeply or put a lot of weight on. Holy cow. I just spent an entire night cutting the pieces. I waited until another day to actually sew it together!

This is not a hard pattern, no fancy things required. It is just somewhat cumbersome with the amount of fabric I had to deal with. I used my walking foot for the first time to help prevent puckers with the knit.

It took me some time to figure out how to get it attached (had to bust out the manual). It also took some time to get used to the sound it makes! Eek! My heart pounded.

For all of the seams I serged, but for some of the place where there was going to need some assistance. I learned about this stuff at my advanced serging class. It is also good for when you are serging knits as it won't pull (and you won't have to mess with the differential feed! yay!)

I serged in the seams of the yoke attached to the bottom layer. You could also use this for when you have the seam on the shoulder. I serged with a rolled hem on the bottom of the cape, the sleeve edges, and the bottom of the robe. I used a fun and bright pink! :) Here is the end product! It is huge!

I would like to add a purple trim to the front of the robe and the sleeves but haven't found anything I like. I also need to find some frog closures too. Again haven't found anything yet but there is a big labor day sale at joanne and michael's so I'm hopeful I can get something on a discount! :)



sew vala said...

This is too spooky, I also have this pattern waiting to make my son a cloak, bought many years ago along with all the brown fabric required. Even got a fab cloak broach at the same time. And only a few days ago I was asked, 'Are you ever going to start on my cloak.' I adore your pink cloak, purple trim sounds cool.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Ok yes this was too spooky! how funny is that? I finally got a closure this weekened for the cloak. I have yet to find a trim I like so far. But I also haven't been super focused on it either. In baby shower gift mode! Can't wait to see your cloak!

Lovely Light said...

I just stumbled on your blog and was so excited! I've just took up belly dance this year and am slowly building my skills. I don't have a costume yet, and they are really expensive here. If you have time check out my life in South Africa at http://withtoucomplexities.blogspot.com. I'm also trying to be crafty too!


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