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Monday, March 10, 2014

A is for Animal print, Iron Craft and refashion #18

This iron craft challenge is to make something with the letter A. So I thought about it... A is for ANIMAL PRINT! Oh yeah! As I am trying to refashion 99 things this year, I again wanted to focus on a refashion. My mom is responsible for this refashion. :) I don't know if this was a PJ or a cover-up or what. No idea but it is animal print and too big for me!!

I decided to turn it into a PJ based on the pillowcase dresses I made way back when for charity. And I'd make myself a PJ top for when it gets warmer over here (P.S. Dear spring- I'm waiting.....). The top is pure elastic around the neckline and some small sleeves. But the basic design is quite rectangular.

I stretched out the top and cut right below the sleeves. Then I cut out a J shape. It was 3X5 inches. Then I did a quick serge around the new armholes and the top of the freshly cut dress. Then folded over the armhole- sew down. Now it is nicely finished. Then folded down the front and back to make a casing- sew across. Then found some simple black satin ribbon in my stash. Wove it through, connecting the front and back. Tie in a pretty bow. :) 

Much cuter! Now I have a PJ for the spring and summer. Yeah not taking a picture with it on!

Let's recap and have some fun with the mustache option of picmonkey. ;)



Desarae said...

Great job, that really makes this ho-hum whatever-it-was-before a really cute and cool nightie! :)

kat said...

Perfect for those hot summer nights

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you both! Yes will be perfect for hot summer nights. And whatever it was intended for- it is a vast improvement!


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