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Monday, June 22, 2015

Ahoy! A shorts refashion

Well I am sort of back! :)
When I first purchased these pants for $1, I thought maybe they were cullotes. I know they are making their way into the pattern world and this girl will not be wearing them anytime soon. But no, they are just a pair of wide-leg pants. With a fun sailor-like button detail.

They fit well with my hips and were so wide-legged that I realized that I could just cut off the legs and turn them into a pair of cute shorts. Ding! That is what I did. Simply cut off the bottom, which took me 2 cuts. Then hem and this was a tiny hem as I sort of cut a little short.

Done! Dang I love these shorts! They are so cute! Shorts are so difficult to find- I have had zero luck with patterns. I am still detailed to find a pattern but until then, these shorts are great!

Recap! Yeah it was nice to sew and this was a quick and easy refashion. And the weather is great to wear them!


Expect a few more blog posts to begin to trickle in since I got the courage to take pictures. :)


Liochka said...

I love it !It's more nicer now than before. Xoxo

Sarah Liz said...

They are gorgeous:) I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering when you would do a refashion :)

Helena A. said...

Hi Lauren!
I HAVE to find some trousers like this to turn them into shorts!
I must go Thrifthing!!!!!
kisses from Portugal!


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