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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Julia Cardigan

Yeah got some sewing for myself. Don't have a heart attack that it is another post within a week! Yeah! I made the Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations.

It was part of a pattern parcel and I liked the options for the sleeves. Also, the open front cardigan was a different design.I miss pattern parcels! I love supporting independent artists.

So I made one for myself with a light grey and white striped light weight knit.

The front view. Nice and easy

It was a super easy, I was just too lazy to style it. I really wanted picture time to be over.

Now the story is not over. For mother's day (yes I have slacked that long with photos, don't judge) I made a cardigan for my mom. Actually, I made her 2 cardigans as she couldn't decide which color she wanted. Since it is my mom, I said I'll make you 2!

I first began cutting this gorgeous blue knit.You can see the pattern pieces and everything that it entails It takes a bit more fabric than I thought it would.

Here are the end cardigans I made for my mom. The other one was with the tribal top hat fabric I had used to make a skater dress (click here).
Not going to lie that I was super jealous my mom got the tribal cardigan. I seriously love that fabric. I am out of it now. At best, it might be an accent for something else or maybe if I want to try some undergarments. My mom got a lot of compliments on the tribal cardigan.



Sarah Liz said...

These are all so gorgeous. No wonder your Mum got compliments-the tribal is great. Yours is going to be versatile though.

Annie Case Hanks said...

Lovely! I have this pattern too but haven't tried it. Now you make me want to...!



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