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Monday, May 23, 2016

Too big tank top refashion

Time for another refashion. Yeah I am not doing many of them lately. I have not been thrifting either. I am actually not doing a lot of sewing lately period. I know it makes me sad.

This tank top was actually part of another top I got and refashioned (and can't find any info on, lol). It was a large top hence why the tank top was large too. It was super wide in the bust area. BTW this is a horrible photo of me, meh whatever.

One of the blessings of this top was the straps were like bra straps so I did not have to remove and reattach them. I could simply adjust the height on mine. Really then all I wanted to do to the top was take it in the sides. I liked the idea of having more of a drapey, not-tight tank top for the summer.
Simply just measure and sew down! I serged out the excess  and tided up the seam. After adjusting the straps, I was done!
Here's the end product

It is just a simple breezy tank top. BTW when I took these photos it was winter. I froze and luckily it did not show too much in these photos. I have the perfect pair of shorts to go with this top that I am working on and can't wait to pair together. Here is the before and after- not bad for just a little bit of work!


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