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Thursday, February 10, 2011

From hideous to ruffle dress!

Here is my inspiration

I saw this dress and I knew instantly what I was going to do with this dress!!

Now I know the first words you think of this dress are: SEXY, PROVOCATIVE, DIVA.
LOL well those words are the complete opposite of this dress!! This was probably from the 90s and I am sure one of my teachers wore this dress. I found this dress at goodwill and I love plaid. Always have, always will. I thought it had some potential... but...

Things wrong with dress
1- big ole armholes
2- way too long
3- uninteresting in anyway!

I started with tackling the armholes. Since I don't know much about sewing with armholes, I know they can be tricky and I do not want to mess with that. I did not have a lot of room in the chest to work with unless I wanted to put in a zipper. I did not want to go there yet! So I just simply put the dress on inside out and pinned it at the shoulders to take up the armholes. Ahhh much better (yup guess what no picture! I blame my cat Natasha)

The next thing was the length. I picked a line and cut it. wow again its looking great!

Now what I found amazing on this frock was it actually has pockets- a dress with pockets (so so dreamy!) but it also had faux pockets on the bodice! What??? Really?? I got out my seam ripper and pulled those babies off!!!

Next it was ruffle time!! I followed the lines on the plaid and made some strips with the leftover skirt fabric I had left. (Actually I made a quick belt to help cinch it in) I actually had 2 different sizes. I did a long stitch with a 0 tension on my machine to creat a ruffle but... it was not working. FAIL! The fabric is a lightweight flannel and it was gripping my thread. So off to bugging Sonja to borrow her ruffler foot :) And tada easy ruffles!

I then again pinned it to my dress on a diagonal (going to be different than last post!) And began to sew away on my machine ....

Warning: again if you have a chest (even a small chest like me!) the ruffles in the area are going to appear differently when the garment is on you! I had to pull the ruffles off and fix the outermost ruffles.

Here is the end product.... Nice huh??

I still kept the pockets so I have a dress with pockets! Always a plus!

A Close up of the ruffles. I so want my own ruffler foot, it is SO MUCH FUN!

I bet that school teacher who wore this dress in the 90s would want this dress back!


April said...

Oh it turned out so cute! but you definately rocked that before shot!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh my that is so cute!


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