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Monday, August 19, 2013

Red tie bow top: mccalls M6650

Yeah I finally finished this sewing project. McCall's pattern 6650. I am finally happy with the outcome

This was the pattern I did. I love this pattern. View A.

Let me say.... the shirt did not start out as pretty as the first picture... I tried to use another fabric but it just didn't work

As you can see the fabric is too heavy and it just doesn't work. Sometimes things just don't work out. Good idea gone bad. So I found whatever fabric I had leftover (which doesn't fit the pattern piece). So I had to wing it myself. I cut 8.5 inch wide pieces of fabric. not on the bias just straight up fabric pieces with what I had leftover. I got 2 long pieces. Sewed them together, tapers the ends, and attached it to the top. Here is me at the last step. 

Ahh at least it works. I can wear it. 

I would totally sew this pattern again. Next time I know to use the same fabric weights. ;)


1 comment:

Lovely Light said...

It does look better with the same fabric. Good call.


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