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Friday, November 15, 2013

Bellydance DVD Review: Jillina #2

Ah another Jillina DVD. Oh how I love Jillina. I can watch Jillina all day. This again from 2003. The Song is Warda.

As you know this is part of a 3 part DVD series. I reviewed #1 here, go and check it out. The second is supposed to be a intermediate geared DVD. Again she talks while she instructs in front of the mirror. Just like a class.

The warm up is little like the previous DVD but the technique is clear. Combos led to choreography.
I had issues with these combos
2- has R/L vertical figure 8s backwards
7- too many zoom ins, I felt like I needed more feet and not hips
8- too many zooms, also too short

Even in the choreography part I wish less zooming would happen. I get confused with what direction I'm supposed to face. I got confused on the hip circle part. But man she can flick that hair fall like its nobody's business. Watch if you have neck problems, this area can be problematic. You also have floorwork, but little of it, but if you can't come to the floor you will have modify this entire section. There is no cool down. Overall I thought the choreography is cute. It is not super county so if you are one of these people who need counts, you will have problems. She performs the choreo in front of a live audience but modifies it. Still good.  BTW I love the outtakes on the credits.

Verdict: Keep. Love the choreo. The video and sound is good. The content is good and useful. I would say this is definitely an intermediate choreography.


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