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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Men's Cotton Shirt to Peplum, refashion #33

Oooooh! #33! Yeah. A men's simple cotton t-shirt. Big.

After seeing numerous cute tutorials online, I decided to turn into a peplum top. First I cut the shirt right around where my waist is....

I removed the sleeves and took in the sides. Next I gathered the bottom part of shirt. Attached it to the top part.

I decided to not add the sleeves back. Because the arm hole was so far-when I took it in, it gave a nice dropped shoulder.I just did a simple hem and I was done. I wound up having to take it in just a smidge in the waist on the final try on. Doesn't matter. I got this new fabulous (and soft) peplum shirt.

Here's the recap! Easy top!

And I am a third done now officially. Yay!!


Sonja Sheffield said...

That is so cute!!!

Nakisha said...

Thanks for this! I want to turn an old U of MN tshirt into a peplum top. Me thinks it'll be super cute! :)

Lazyfish said...

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Visit mine if you please :D

Peter Cummins said...

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