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Saturday, January 18, 2014

V1259 Ruched skirt- crazy tribal print

I decided to go into a sewing project. I am desparately trying to get rid of this lightweight crazy tribal knit fabric. I thought I would try this Donna Karan pattern from Vogue. I liked the skirt. The top may be a bit too crazy (and running out of fabric thank goodness!)
Vogue V1259

This is the crazy fabric that I made a halter dress (which I love), read about it here. Which I promise you keeps multiplying.

I decided with this pattern I can't do any sort of matching, I don't care. I just ran with it- it was one piece of fabric that you gather and connect leaving the overlapping edges raw. It was slightly tricky to get the sewing done on the machine. I didn't add the elastic but after taking pictures with it I realized I need elastic. It is an easy fix. The line gives me a headache when wearing it and I have to fidget to get it right. Overall I like the skirt. It is easy to wear and this would be a great item to throw on with my bathing suit in the summer.

Trying it out with something else. I did not add a piece of elastic to the waist. Now I will. 

This skirt is definitely forgiving for curves. I mean man, I saw the pics and wow I look like I am in crazy shape. LOL. That middle/diagonal seam is a pain. And it takes a while to adjust the skirt to fit right. Unless you are in walking motion, or your legs are not close together. The bottom hem is not even. It sort of drapes. Will I make this skirt again? Probably not. It was not hard to sew. The middle overlapping seam is tricky but not bad. This would be nice in the summer time. Not right now too cold!



Emily said...

Great skirt!!! I really like that one in a print!

Magda said...

wow... it looks so good on you! A win, I'd say!

Linda said...

Pretty skirt!

sarahlizsewstyle.blogspot.com said...

That pattern is so busy I think just using it for the skirt was a great idea - it really works for the skirt. The elastic is a great idea - some stretch fabrics just have too much give. I think you've done a fantastic job - looks great on you, especially with the plain top.

Unknown said...

Hi Lauren! I'm visiting from the MAGAM challenge! The skirt is hot! The fabric is beautiful. Your body doesn't have to be perfect as long as you dress it well. You've done that.

DJ - heheheplusshe.blogspot.com

SewCraftyChemist said...


looks incredible!

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you all! I love this pencil skirt. Definitely a win!:)


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