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Monday, November 25, 2013

Anthropologie Inspired Plaid Skirt, simplicity 1690

It is funny how when you want to make something and then you see it being sold for a lot of money. Take this Kenley skirt from Anthropologie. $148 for just the skirt. Really

As you can see there is an overskirt sort of looks like a bow.

Here is how to knock it off, for a fraction of the price. Check out this pattern from simplicity. It is similar to the anthro skit. Simplicity 1690

Now I got all fancy. Or out of my league. I decided to make this skirt with purple and black plaid CHIFFON. Yes you heard me right. Chiffon. And plaid. 2 really hard things to sew with. But hey things were shut....

While I was sewing, which has a black chiffon lining. I got really excited when the 2 overskirts matched each other. Like the Gevalia coffee commercial..... TOOT TOOT

In all actuality I knew the overskirt would match but the under skirt will not. I am totally fine with that. Here is after the pleating. I pinned and basted the heck out of this skirt!!! 

Next add the waistband. This I actually modified for myself, I needed a bit longer. Sew to the skirt. Prettyyyyy.....

Here it is on... drool

I paired it with some boots and a black shirt.

Hey I would also like to point out that I sewed an exposed zipper (and not invisible) and the cat didn't look like she attacked it. And the plaid relatively matches.

Love. I think I can totally remake this with a modified waist to even look more like the anthro skirt. Which is really a small rectangle to sort of gather it. Easy. This was not the easiest skirt but part of it was due to the chiffon and the plaid. Plus it had lining. Which made it thick. I think I may have broke a needle in one part of attached the waistband. Really happy with the results. I would definitely try again with other fabric that doesn't require lining. I think it would lay flatter.



Sonja Sheffield said...

Love this!! This is my favorite recent project of yours!!

Penny-Rose said...

I really like this skirt, the fabric makes it heaps better than the the pics on the pattern in my opinion.

Penny-Rose said...

I really like this skirt, the fabric makes it heaps better than the the pics on the pattern in my opinion.

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you! It's actually one of my favorite skirts too

Desarae said...

Hey, Lauren! I'm just now trying to do some catching up on my blog reading since the end of the holidays- this is such a great skirt! I love the style and the plaid you chose! It looks so cute on you, and a very close match to your original inspiration source! Great job.


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