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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The heart bib that left me clueless

I am not a person who normally gets doubtful of what I want to do with a piece of clothing or accessory. I make up my mind pretty quickly and stick to it and usually I have decent judgement and a good eye. This one left me confused.

So I started out with a pale pink bib. Alicia said she loves pink and brown. I wanted to give her something she would really like. I added a brown heart with fusible webbing stuff. But then I got stuck. I mean I got stuck. I thought I would like it more but I found something was missing.

I thought about adding a trim but none of the bias tape I could find matched the brown heart. I thought about adding multiple hearts in various sizes. Again, I did not care for it. I thought about adding words. But nothing worked. I was flat out stuck.

But I had sewn the bib really nicely I could not just throw it away. Again I told myself it is a bib, it doesn't always have to be a work of art- it just needs to prevent food from getting on the baby. But I was still frustrated as can be!

I went to my trim stash and saw what I had. I realized I did not hate adding a brighter pink rick-rack trim to the edge. So I added that. And since I didn't hate the bib I just left it like that. Something simple. But it kind of reminded me of a ginger bread cookie for some reason. I think it was probably becuase of the rick-rack.

Again its not fancy, it is not a work of art, it is just simple. Something to catch baby food/spit. :)



TracyKM said...

I think it looks nice and crisp and modern. If you wanted to play up the gingerbread effect, you could do white ric rac and embrodery around the heart.
I like sewing for babies too, but mostly it's been slings. I did make a pair of baby shoes (like Robeeze ones) from stardustshoes tutorial. Very cute. And I just came across this tutorial:


La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you TracyKM! :) Those shoes are absolutely precious! I have seen a few baby shoe tutorials and eventually I will try them out. Thanks for the link! :)


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