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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 64: The owl burberry sweater knockoff

I know this post accidentally leaked last week for a few minutes. And wow let me tell you, in those few minutes I got a lot of hits on my blog! I was shocked. Finally, I have finished this project. I saw this sweater (thought it was a sweat shirt though) in an Issue of Instyle Magazine. I immediately fell for it. Apparently this season, tops with animals on them are a big thing.

I did not however fall for the price- this pretty little Burberry sweater cost $1,295 on their website. Holy cow! Um no! So this was my inspiration. I started with a thrifted grey sweatshirt.

First I need to make it not look so much like a sweatshirt. I removed the top collar, the bottom band, and the arm bands. Additionally I pulled off that triangle applique from the neckline (which took really long).

Next, I decided I was going to embroider an owl on it. Luckily right at this time I stumbled on a company called Sublime Stitching. They offer different sorts of embroidery patterns and threads for hand embroidery. I won some of their Metallic Thread from Sew News and this is how I came to know them. So glad I did!!! Lo and behold, they had Owlbert and I decided that this was going to be on my shirt. I used my embroidery pencil and traced the pattern, and ironed-on to my sweatshirt. I used the full sized image of the owl but did not do the moon or stars. Not bad for my first time!

First, I finished the neckline of my sweatshirt so I had a basic understanding on how the shirt was going to sit.

Then I started to embroider. I don't know many fancy stitches but I do know backstitching from all the cross-stitch kits I have done. I also had a wonderful stash of DMC thread from my friend Sonja. They were actually her grandmother's!

I didn't add all elements of the pattern as you can see but I did give him a beak. Maybe it was because I was sick while doing this on my couch but I thought it would be cute.

Now this needed to be de-bulked and the bottom trim removed. I took it in using my dressform, sewed, and then serged out the excess.

Lastly, I hemmed the arms, the neckline, and bottom part of the top. To resist fraying I edged it with a zig zag stitch, then folded over and sewed down.

Here is my end sweatshirt.

I am ready for winter! I really liked the way he turned out. I could also so all 80s and pair it with a tank top and let the neckline move. I would love to pair it with other button down shirts (this was the only one I had available as my winter stuff is packed since it is still summer here in Mobile) and a skirt with some tights. Would probably look cute peaking out from a blazer. Not a bad copy cat either, and much more budget friendly. :) I also equally love my owl. I want to put him on other things I just don't know what yet! BTW fellow bellydancers, they offer bellydance embroidery patterns! OMG Love! I will definitely use my metallic thread for these patterns. I am so itching to try!

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Jennifer Cochran said...

Love it!!!!

Emily said...

great work- love sublime stitching! Also love your goal to refashion clothes- new follower

La La Lauren!!! said...

Thank you Jennifer and Emily! And Welcome Emily! thank you so much for following me!

cucicucicoo said...

nice work! i actually prefer your owl and where you placed it than the waaaaaayyyyy over-priced original! :) lisa

La La Lauren!!! said...

thanks lisa. yes i like my placement better also! the other is way too far down!


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