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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bear and crown baby bibs, Butterick B4533

Yup so I am so entailed with my last minute halloween costume that I didn't finish up my posts and get it together. So here is my late posts...Another baby gift, been sewing a lot!

I opted to try this pattern and make 2 of the patterns- the bib and the crown. Now I will preface this will I lost the instructions after I cut the pattern. Yeah true story. So I had to wing it!

For the teddy bears, I never want to see them again. So, at first I embroidered a lot- the pink cheek circles, the eyes, nose, smile. It was absolutely too much and took a lot of time. I figured out how to sew the cheeks via my sewing machine. Then I used paint for the eyes. This then left embroidery of the nose and mouth. Much faster. It was a lot of sewing. Just a lot. After the face was done, then ears were added, then the back, then I attached everything to the front of the bib, then attach the back to the front of the bib. Close and add a snap. Yeah it was that involved. Just wow. I never want to see a bear anytime soon!

Now the crown bibs were way easier. I sewed the front and back of the crown to each other, turned right side out and then attached to the bib. These were super cute.

Overall, I am very happy with this pattern. I love the end products. I just never want to make another Teddy Bear bib again (I made 5 so yes I am over it!). LOL. But something cute and different.


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